4 thoughts on “Nobody Has Ever Used the Word “No” Better Than Jordan Peterson at the 33 Second Mark Of This Video”

  1. I like that he said “NO” in that manner. However, I wish he knew more about the hoax of the greenhouse gas theory of global warming. Solar variability drives global warming and cooling, not man-made carbon emissions. We sit once again on the precipice of another ice age and at the very end of the earth’s most recent, cyclical, interglacial period. SAI programs, or “chemtrailing” might well be speeding along the transition to an ice age and the radical global depopulation our sociopathic billionaires are seeking. These competitively-obedient Cambridge students don’t WANT to know this and wouldn’t dare do the right thing with the information if they did. We need people like Peterson to know and speak the truth about matters of such extreme importance.

    1. Darwin, NO is a great start though. And what a “no” it was. He will get there, and if he doesn’t, he will still have contributed to the buffer against this collective lunacy.

  2. I usually feel deep sadness while listening to JP, because I sympathize and comiserate with his quite obvious internal torment generated by his impatient frustration vis-a-vis the simplistic, unrealistically uncomplicated concepts offered by proponents of this or that popular cause.

    “What are we going to do about it?!! Nothing, because we aren’t going to stop using all the things which produce the problem.” “Burning coal isn’t good, but burning trees, as was done before we started burning coal, isn’t good either. By a very large margin, there are far more trees in North America now than centuries ago, because we don’t burn trees for fuel any longer.” “It’s complicated!”

    JP gets the fact that it’s all (ALL!) much more complicated than 99.9% of those on both sides of every existential issue will ever comprehend.

    That fact is why I am not the least bit optimistic about the prospect of our species resolving any of those issues, nor about the prospect of our species existing 100 years from today.

    I have no hope, but, I thrive within the happy and liberating ecstasies of being a thoroughly disillusioned realist.

    The false hopes of simplistic, uncomplicated fantasy are a whip, a bludgeoning instrument, held in one’s own hand, to torture oneself into despairing care for that which no amount of care will remedy.

    The dream is over. Stick a fork in it. It’s done.

    Alas, this is the end.

    Sad, but, true.

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