Extinction Rebellion, Expertly Mocked, And Thoughts On The Humorlessness of Guillotines


I am deeply afraid of Extinction Rebellion activism. I feel that these people are far worse than wrong, and far worse than insane. Why do I say “these people” when it is precisely their personhood that they have surrendered, in order to become part of a mass anti-mind?

Are they…people? Look at them, and tell me what you think.

Laughter is a funny thing. I laughed out loud watching this video. It gave me back, temporarily, a sense that sanity will triumph over insanity. But will it?

The “end of the world” is already here, in the form of the end of sanity as a presumptive mode of communication, in all people other than those diagnosed and medically treated as insane.

It is no longer even advantageous to not be insane.

Insanity, (fanatical, radical progressive PC) appearing now as a mass expression, is a new form of status. The more accusatory (the mark of the insane) you can be, the higher your status.

Mind you–these are the people who routinely say we must invoke the 25th amendment to remove Donald Trump as President on grounds he is not sane, and narcissistic.

I just heard a story about a young couple in love. She was a Climate Davidian, as my friend Paul Bell calls them; He was, as he fatefully told her, “agnostic.” Though she loved him, she ended the relationship, right there and then, when he told her he was agnostic. That means undecided, and prepared to read.

We live in the era of the bloodless guillotine. They hang over ever encounter, chat room– every dinner table, every bed.

But remember what did Robespierre in; It was when they started laughing at him.

6 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion, Expertly Mocked, And Thoughts On The Humorlessness of Guillotines”

  1. Hmmm….not to be crass…but I see a bunch of young women twisting their bodies around for “the cause”. It reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s when drug induced dance broke out in the local part during the free rock concert summer weekend.
    And what follows?
    That’s right…young men joining them, agreeing with them..
    For what?
    Knowing the 20 year old male species….TO GET LAID.
    Now, I’m sure there are a few folks “serious” about their cause. Every generation seems to have a cause.
    Excuse me if I’m having a bit of a hard time taking some of this seriously.
    There truly is some radicals that are going to talk a good game and say scary things…I figure this is what happens when keyboard warriors take to the streets.
    I believe few actually believe the rhetoric they spew…their lifestyles prove this.
    I think the most disconcerting part of all of this is the politicians who embrace the “climate change” anthem to get elected…only to control.
    And I don’t like feeling I’m being controlled.

  2. P.S. ~ Your compositon of your thoughts regarding the mass-mind insanity and Watson’s video critique of it, was VERY impressively intelligent and insightful. Well done! Well said! Artfully crafted! Exquisitely and elegantly understated, and thereby imbued with a more profound potency.

    Bravo, Celia!

  3. Thanks, Celia, for sharing an absolute masterpiece of informative, dissecting, deconstructing exposure.

    It is, in my opinion, one of Watson’s best creations, if not THE best.

    I frequently disagree with his conclusions, but his uniquely-daring and singularly-diligent deep digging into obscure details is truly unmatched among the current field of practicing professional analysts and commentators in matters of cultural and political “hot topic” issues.

    For me, Samuel Clemens will always be the bar/the model/the standard by which all other cultural and political humorists must be measured.

    Watson, I am sure, would be esteemed by Clemens himself as one who VERY capably and regularly reaches and hurdles far above that bar.

    Due to time constraints, I don’t maintain the routine of regularly viewing Watson’s output, and so, it was a real treat to receive your posting of his takedown of “Extinction Rebellion”. I would not have seen it otherwise. Thank you.

    1. You’re most welcome John. I am delighted you liked it. I think it’s really fantastic too. As you say, maybe his best so far.

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