How Greta Thunberg Killed Her Mother’s Dreams


“I fell into a depression. It lasted for maybe a year… I stopped talking, only spoke to some people. I stopped eating, lost a lot of weight. I was just so depressed. Nothing seemed to matter anymore.”

“I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.”

Greta Thunberg

Evening Walk

I look at something, it catches my attention, and I need to solve it like a puzzle. I’m not interested in “attacking” Greta Thunberg. In fact, I have become fascinated by not only her but her whole family: Her father, mother, and sister. People are extremely binary these days. Are you for or against? For or against?

Slow down!

I’m for humanity, in all forms, (warmth) and against inhumanity, in all forms, (coldness.) Greta may or may not “have a point,” but I wondered: Does she have a heart? As thought looking through a keyhole, I simply wanted to observe the family. (Later, I will address “the science.”)

For three consecutive nights I stayed up nearly until dawn, watching interviews on Swedish television with various members of the family and looking at their FB and Instagram feeds. Who were they, I wondered? I could at least “hear” them in the language of my late childhood, which was Swedish, so maybe I could see or hear something that would provide a clue to the nagging sense so many people have that something is off, maybe way off, about the Greta cult.

It means something that only appears to be “about” the debate– and yes it is a debate– about “Climate Change,” (formerly “Global Warming.”)

I gravitated first to Greta’s mother. The father, I should say right away–from watching him I got one word: Anger.

He proudly speaks of the process by which his whole family became engulfed by Climate panic, at Greta’s behest, and seemed to be offering his family up as a status symbol for the new environmental radicalism. It was he who revealed the shocking thing I discovered, the tragic event that had taken place in the family, which he spoke of as a moment of enlightenment.

To begin with, Greta’s mother, Malena Ernman, is an opera singer, a Mezzo Soprano. I’ve listened to many of her performances. She has a transcendently beautiful voice–a voice that sounds celestial, and seems to speak of a world beyond this one. The tragic fact I discovered was this: Greta forced her mother to give up her career as a singer, demanding that she cease to fly, as Greta had, to diminish her “carbon footprint.”
Malena used to fly all over the world, and play to packed houses–a series of concerts in Japan for example, which her husband mentioned in a panel discussion. But Greta put a stop to it. She badgered her family into submission: Told them they could no longer, fly, drive, eat meat, or own two houses.

Svante Thunberg, at a climate conference in Poland, described the showdown like this:

“She [Greta] showed us all these statistics..When my wife went to Tokyo for instance to do a series of concerts…4000 people on each performance…and you know, that was very important to her. But then again, when she came home, Greta said, you know, you just spent 20 people’s carbon budget living in West Africa…just by going back and forth to Tokyo. And so Greta said, ‘You can’t go on doing that.’ “

Greta’s mother stopped flying, and stopped performing abroad.

It strikes me as an extremely strange exchange between a daughter and mother–that the child would even speak to the mother like that: “You can’t go on doing that.”

Where does the confidence and power come from in this child? The certainty that there will be no consequences to this domination role–an exact reversal of the authority structure between parent and child. Why does the father make it all sound like it was the moment they all saw the light, rather than the moment they all went mad?

Was Great’s mother the bread-winner? Who would pay the bills now? George Soros?

This all came after Greta’s “sickness” as they call it–the year she spent at home, having fallen mute, lost 1/3 or her body weight, and finally been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an eating disorder, and selective mutism– yet re-diagnosed by the family, as suffering from what they considered to be a healthy terror of the end of the world by way of Global Warming.

You can here the whole story told here:

Greta’s mother loved her career, loved traveling and singing. She was, and is, designated by the King of Sweden as a court singer–a rare distinction. And she was forced by her own (feminist) daughter, backed by her equally feminist husband, to give it all up in order to not fly and negatively affect the environment. This has an official term in Swedish, it’s called “Flyg-skam,” or “flying shame,” and it has led to a significant drop in commercial aviation.

Have you ever heard anything like this in your life?

The same girl who cried: “You have stolen my dreams!” actually quite literally crushed her own mother’s dreams–by declaring Jihad on her mode of transportation. The mother acquiesced. She is now a Climate activist as well, and the whole family wrote a book together, about how Greta’s illness led them to see the light on Climate urgency. It was called “Scenes From The Heart,” and Ernman was the main author, but then when Greta shot to fame her name was put on it as the main author, and in the German edition, her face is on it.

She killed her mother’s art.

But she plans to “save” the rest of us?

Here’s Malena Ernman, and below, a particularly funereal speech by Greta, at an award’s ceremony. The meteoric rise of this mirthless, doom-obsessed child messiah is ‘about’ much more than the Climate matter. It speaks to something that has already been destroyed, even before the fate Greta claims awaits “the planet.’

A child is supposed to be happy.

She is worshipped precisely because she refuses to be, and this strikes a note of such foreboding, it’s hard to find words to describe it.

How many teenage girls now around the world will compete to be the most grim and accusatory? To discover their “superpowers,” of spreading a kind of simplistic eco-terrorism that forces adults to adulate and obey them?

As for “the science–” listen to the second video below. I’ve yet to hear Greta utter a single accurate scientific fact. But it doesn’t matter. She’s the new Messiah. The Church of Sweden has even suggested that she replace Jesus, as, they claim, he would have wanted.

You will submit to her. She will demand your terror, as she has made perfectly clear, to standing ovations. “I don’t want your hope.

It’s dark stuff.

Or, as Greta puts it: “We live in a strange world.”

12 thoughts on “How Greta Thunberg Killed Her Mother’s Dreams”

  1. This constant pandering to children’s wishes continues to amaze me. They (her parents) allowed a child to take them hostage. By doing so they reinforced her delusions. This is social engineering formulated to weaken parents authority and further destroy the family unit. To elevate children’s whims to gospel is pure insanity. A 16 years old child has no life experiences nor the physiological brain development with which to determine truth from propaganda. The fact that people have lost any sense of reason is frightening.

      1. This is the Frankfurt School of ultra leftists who emigrated to the US & took over our education system. It’s no longer teaching kids how to think; it’s about indoctrination.
        They are churning out socialists who are impervious to logic. Dustin Nemos has a solution to this problem:
        “Foot soldiers of Chaos. Give them a bunch of video games and feed them Ritalin for the rest of their lives.”
        Worth a try, right?


  3. Using children like this is an old tactic. I’m pretty sure the first celebrity political activist to have all her words put in her mouth was Helen Keller.

  4. I suspect her entire story is fake. Not arguing with you, just, sounds like a story her parents made up/elaborated. The whole thing.

    Who knows what’s true with these people?

  5. Oh, Greta, you got co-opted by the Shadow Beings and now crusade to steer this planet into a Soylent Green globalist prison in which nobody will ever again hear your mother’s magical voice.
    I’d call that a bad deal for humanity.

  6. Fascinating. Also creepy guy you tweeted about. Images of red stuff coming out of his mouth kept popping up into my mind as I was watching it. And as you know, I personally saw a teenager becoming a locked up zombified suffering creature… all linked to 4 injections of who knows what sold as illnesses “protection”. Greta’s mother has a stunning voice.

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