2 thoughts on “Weather Engineering: Hiding In Plain Sight, But Why Doesn’t Greta Thunberg Care?”

  1. It’s a very informative video. Thank you!

    Most of what they report about NEXRAD, chemtrails, aluminum, and our long history of weather engineering is correct. My only problem is they accept the carbon model of global warming. Ball, Corbyn, and most other serious scholars of climate science have demolished the so-called “Greenhouse Gas” hypothesis and inform us that “Solar Variability” is the cause of global warming and cooling.

    The work of solar variability climatologists is sine qua non to understanding both what is really causing climate change and why “Operation Greta” is a dangerous fraud. Real climate change models warn us that proceeding with SAI and “Operation Greta” will rapidly accelerate our already imminent return to a hard ice age. Indeed, there are legitimate reasons to wonder if this is precisely the end game of pinnacle sociopaths like Bill Gates and the billionaire’s club that is almost monomaniacally obsessed with ridding the world of no fewer than 6.2 billion living souls.

    They couch their efforts in terms of saving the planet, but nothing else they do signals much interest in the welfare of the planet, each of them leaving ecological footprints tens to hundreds of millions of times the size of each of those they wish to extirpate. Their real mission is to retain their mostly-looted wealth and to thwart the inevitable revolution. They know they have now purloined and sequestered such an obscenely high percentage of the world’s limited resources that they must either share more or kill those who will have no choice but to take it from them if they survive, marry, or successfully rear children.

    Pathological hoarders, they have decided to continue to accumulate ever greater portions of what is left for themselves and to murder billions so they can pursue their addiction to power and wealth without concern of external correction.

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