Giuliani: Joe Biden Sold His Vice Presidency To China For $1.5 Billion; “That Office Doesn’t Belong To Him. It Belongs To The People Of The United States.”


Rudy Giuliani:

“There are two systems of justice in this country. They go after Republicans if we say something wrong. They allow Democrats to steal millions and they don’t care. The Clintons enrich themselves on public office to the tune of hundreds of millions. The Bidens got 1.5 billion from China? Which had to be a deliberate act on the part of China to buy the Vice President. It cost a lot of money to buy it.. they didn’t invest in a hedge fund because it made money. It made no money. The Chinese are not stupid. They don’t spend their money for no reason. There’s only one reason the Chinese spent that money: To buy Joe Biden‘s office. That office doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to the people of the United States and if the President can’t vindicate that, then it’s a sad day for America.”

“I will show you the statements from five Ukrainians that say: ‘We desperately tried to get the information to the FBI and we were blocked by the Ambassador who eventually got fired.”

Ingraham: “We’re just hearing that Trump is going to be meeting with the Ukrainian president at 2 PM tomorrow?”

Giuliani: “Would you please emphasize the fact that the Ukrainian president has said “I wasn’t pressured?” He’s the only one that counts by the way. The only person that counts in an extortion.. alleged extortion.. is the victim. He said “I wasn’t pressured.” It doesn’t matter if Schiff was… “

Ingraham: “All right Rudy, we’re out of time. Sorry to cut you off.”

2 thoughts on “Giuliani: Joe Biden Sold His Vice Presidency To China For $1.5 Billion; “That Office Doesn’t Belong To Him. It Belongs To The People Of The United States.””

  1. Back and forth the mud-slinging proceeds, endlessly. They’ve been doing it since Homo erectus got its first mental glimpse of The Competition/The Proverbial Popularity Rival, way back when the first mutant brain was transformed from being the relatively dumb ape, to being the so-called Glory Of Creation: The Man.

    Truth is, the professional mud-slingers are all more like children than children.

    That’s the nature of Popularity Rivalry, and it’s the nature of unenlightened Homo sapiens in general.

    In their eyes, mud-slinging is ALWAYS the priority, because they are certain that life is nothing but a competition for having the most mud to throw.

    Both sides in the competition live by that principle, and thereby teach that principle to the children, by example.

    Thusly, we advance ever closer to the intercontinental throwing of the ultimate mud: Nuclear weapons.

    Homo sapiens fail to reflect on the lessons of their entire history as primates, locked into the habitual patterns of rivalry for supremacy (otherwise known as rivalry for masculine popularity).

    Chest-thumping primates our species remains.

    None of us, nor our future generations of the human family, will really advance and succeed as a species, so long as the mud-slinging paradigm for civilizational organization continues to prevail over the paradigm of humble, egalitarian devotion to each other, as family, worldwide and in our own communities of nation, state, county, and city street block.

    The mud-slinging rivalries must die, or else we and our potential future generations will certainly all be killed by the ghosts of once-emergent Homo erectus, whose mud surely would have been a nuclear asenal, if it could have been.

    The primitive in “us” will certainly and inevitably bring our end, if our world’s professional mud-slinging class does not soon awaken from its ancient primate trance of Existence-As-Rivalry-For-Popular-Supremacy.

    More like children than children, they are.

    We should not look to any of them for anything helpful or healing, if we truly desire that our species will solve our ghost problem, and survive as one holistic family of kindly human beings, long into the furthest reaches of all tomorrows.

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