LGBT CIVIL WAR: #WalkAway Banned As Second Venue Cancels Town Hall, Threaten To Call Police On Straka and Panel


“All the animals, the plants, the minerals, even other kinds of men, are being broken and reassembled every day, to preserve an elite few, who are the loudest to theorize on freedom, but the least free of all.”

― Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

   “Pride”, on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, allows no “dissent,” from within its ranks. It has become a new totalitarian cultural movement, not one of “inclusion” but of a comprehensive domination–daring any company, group, school, church, or individual to fail to show allegiance by hoisting its flag. The explosive displays of Rainbow flags seems merely an expression of fear–trying to ward off accusations of “trans-phobia” were anybody to leave any public surface neutral. Most people don’t care that much about other people’s sexual orientation, but in this case, we don’t have that option. We must show constant enthusiasm, even as the very same people who demand our tolerance so often show us hateful intolerance, amidst an ever more tyrannical and even violent atmosphere.

   Amidst a typhoon of rainbows on every imaginable surface, the choices for revelers is merely one of rainbow degree: How and where to wear it best, brandish it most. But what lies beneath the rainbow doctrine, apart from blind allegiance to slogans like “love” “tolerance” “diversity,” etc?

Corporate logos, from Barclay’s Bank to Kellogg‘s, are pooling up with the Rainbow logo, and churches not only have Rainbow flags outside, but at the altar, pushing even the cross to the background.

Call it Totalitarian Rainbow-ism: The rainbow contains all, silences all. You are permitted only to replicate and pollinate it.

  What if LGBT people decided they wanted to speak to one another in a new language? Maybe even one that leans conservative? Well, then the rainbow becomes instantly weaponized as surely as the police clubs used to bash the Stonewall protesters that famous night in the West Village in New York City.

    “To be honest with you, I’m exhausted,” said Brandon Straka, embattled founder of the breakout #WalkAway movement, in an exclusive interview with [Truth Barrier editor Celia Farber] on June 29, the day after yet another LGBT-Walk Away Town Hall event was unceremoniously canceled at the last minute. Last time, it was at the LBGT Center in New York City, this time, a theater in Chicago called Theater Wit.

Only weeks ago, Straka was on the courthouse steps in New York with his two attorneys, announcing a $20 million libel lawsuit filed against the LGBT Center in New York, after they too canceled an event, publishing a dossier falsely accusing members of Straka’s team of being “haters.” The dossier, says Straka, contained false and defamatory claims about the #WalkAway panelists, which include a two gay men, Straka and Harlow, and a transgender woman, Blaire White.

   #WalkAway’s message is essentially an open door for minorities, (gay, black, Jewish, Latino, transgender, etc) former leftists, lifelong Democrats, and others who seek freedom of political discourse, to self-define politically and spiritually. The revolutionary message Straka so brilliantly bottled was that it’s “ok” to “walk away” from abuse, lies, and yes, “hate.” He broke down the wall of silence that existed between the silently suffering and the new patriotic movements–those who were defecting from within the ranks, following Trump era psychoses. And yes, you guessed it—this (being fed up with hate) is now defined as the new “hate.”

   So for the second time this summer, a venue booked #WalkAway for an LGBT “Town Hall,” signed contracts, took their check, and then canceled just before the event, refusing to explain why, and seemingly indifferent to legal repercussions. This is an expression of the contempt reserved for any and all who don’t toe the PC, Marxist, Trump-despising party line: They don’t even deserve answers to why they are being canceled. When the New York City LGBT Center canceled, they didn’t contact Straka-; He learned of it on social media.

    When Brandon and his crew went to do a “walk through” at the Wit Theater the night before the event, they noticed that the mood was hostile, (and the venue dirty.)  None of their emails about chairs, lights and other matters had been answered, and finally, they got a call confirming their worst fears: The were plug was being pulled. “They said, ‘We’re canceling your event. We did some research on you guys,” Straka says.  “But we had told them everything about us, sent them videos of our prior Town Hall Event, and even warned them that there could be blowback. They said not to worry. And then this happens at the last minute, and we are left to walk the streets of Chicago for the next 6 hours, having flown people in from around the country. They just don’t care. It’s insane.”

   On a recorded phone call Straka shared with The Truth Barrier, a manager for the Wit Theater said: “This is a little too close to hate speech for my taste.” Audio here:

   Melissa Robey, from #WalkAway implores: “We are not a hate group. You are clearly looking into this dossier that has been collected stupidly on our panel members…and you’re shutting down our 1st amendment right to free speech.”
He replies icily: “You don’t have 1st amendment eights here at the theater.”

“We just can’t host it,” he continues. “It’s just not going to happen.”  

Robby retorts strongly:  “We have a panel of gay people who want to talk to other gay people about voting behaviors. And because you disagree with that, you’re shutting it down?”

Apparently, yes. Gay people who want to be free to choose their political orientation as well as their sexual orientation stand accused of being “haters,” rather than simply people who are taking a new direction. Most gay conservatives report that this step was way harder to survive than coming out as gay. They are socially annihilated–by the guardians of the gay status quo. (See #WalkAway testimonials on YouTube.)

Additional video Straka provided shows the #WalkAway crew entering the Wit Theater and asking for a civilized dialogue about why their event was canceled. One staffer finally says they saw Straka on the Alex Jones Show and that he felt he was “speaking jibberish.”

“I don’t speak jibberish,” Straka replies.

 Within moments, the Wit Theater staff are asking the #WalkAway crew to leave, accusing them of “trespassing.” 
Trepassing?” Straka cries. “We have a contract!”

“Guys, we pulled the show,” one staffer says, then asks them all to leave or the police will be called.
Videos here:

   In the next few moments of back and forth, the most telling comment comes from a Wit Theater staffer who says: “As a 501c3 group, we’re limited in the political speech we can engage in.” That suggests that their funding is tied directly to their capacity to block inclusiveness of contrary positions. In other words, state-ruled “arts.” Precisely like they did it in the former GDR and other Iron Curtain countries, to eliminate dissent.

Mike Harlow, a gay man who tours with #WalkAway, protests the sexualization of children by the LGBTQ drag lobby. In the confrontation with the Wit Theater staff, he tries, as tensions escalate, to explain that young trans kids are being helped at these #WalkAway events. “We have transgender teenagers crying because they were made to feel so shunned by people, and they were so alone.”

This falls on deaf ears. A robotic response comes, as follows: “I am not convinced that this is a good faith effort to engage the LGBT community in local issues.”

The #WalkAway team implores the theater staff to just watch their New York Town Hall event so they can hear for themselves that there is no “hate” in the #WalkAway movement. They are informed that Mike Harlow “said trans people suffer mental illness,” in a tweet.

“I have never tweeted that in my life,” Harlow says angrily.
He asks them to show him the tweet, and again says he has never tweeted such a thing. No reply comes back. Just, no pun intended, stonewalling.

“Sue us. Call the police. Do what you need to do, but leave,” says a Theater Wit staffer.

Before it is all over, Straka’s recording device is grabbed and turned off, leading him to file charges with the local police for “simple battery.”

Straka calls his lawyer, and the Wit Theater say they can’t say any more without their own lawyer present, and threaten again to call the police if the #WalkAway crew don’t leave. Straka assures them that won’t be necessary. “You don’t need to call the police. We’re going to leave,” he says.

At the eleventh hour, a Chicago woman called the #WalkAway team and offered a venue for their event, at half the price, and with everything already set up. “It was stunning. Just beautiful” Straka said. “These saving graces happen to us. It’s very interesting.”

Called hours before the event was to take place, Straka told The Truth Barrier: “I’m in a tough place in this way, I got to be honest. Caught between rock and a hard place. I am about to tell a room full of LBGT people that there is room for them, that they are wanted in the conservative movement.  Are they? I sometimes feel abandoned by the conservative movement. The things that happen to #WalkAway, this would get tons of coverage if it happened to any other conservative group. We need support. And that includes financial support. People just keep telling us to ‘hang in there.’ And we will–but we are getting hammered by some very vicious forces. It’s like a civil war inside the greater war. “

—Celia Farber

Endnote: Three videos below show what #WalkAway stands for. Genuine tolerance, diversity, and open-mindedness. All value the present day LGBT industrial complex has declared war on. Please consider lending support, financial or otherwise, to #WalkAway, before its too late. Also: Mike Harlow does excellent work exposing the child abuse element in the net-trans/child/drag club kid culture. The third video below shows “Desmond Is Amazing,” the famous drag child from New York, proudly saying he came out as gay at the age of three.

7 thoughts on “LGBT CIVIL WAR: #WalkAway Banned As Second Venue Cancels Town Hall, Threaten To Call Police On Straka and Panel”

  1. That scheme to sabotage was used on the theatrical production based around the writings of Rachel Corrie, the young American woman who went to Palestine to support the Palestinians whose houses were being bulldozed by the Israeli military; and they bulldozed Rachel Corrie in 2003. The theatrical production launched in London was very popular, well received and it was to go on tour at the end of it’s run. A theatre in NYC contracted to be the first stop in the production tour but then at the last minute, too late to line up an alternative venue/sponsor. This scheme was repeated at least one other time in Canada. It is a new model but probably with needs to have legal backers to be confident of breaking contracts. The same scheme was used on a tour of art work of Palestinian children made after a horrific onslaught of Israeli military on their communities using phosphorus bombs in addition to explosives. The first stop of the tour was the Oakland Children’s Museum [or the only children’s museum in Oakland, CA. It was and probably still is a privately owned entity but receives substantial financial support from the city of Oakland. They cancelled the children’s art show at the last minute , too late to find a replacement
    venue/sponsor. A dirty trick that apparently is spreading to the organized homosexual etc. political entity which seems to belongs to the Democratic party machine. Seeking legal redress is probably expensive and the system seems unlikely to produce justice,; yet this deceitful contracting in Bad Faith is a very bad habit. By the way, the organizers of the Palestinian children’s art tour were resilient in Oakland . There happened to be a commercial small space next to the museum which they were able to rent for the period of the intended art show and so it did happen ; the sabotage was largely unsuccessful; but still very nasty.

  2. Rainbows are a sacred sign from Our Father that He would never again destroy all life with a flood, it’s also true that “unicorns” which seem to be conflated somehow with a “pride movement” are actually one horned rhinos… very real creatures You can defile His works all you want, it will be brought to nothing

  3. I just watched the video at the end of this blog. There’s actually a tear in my eye, an uneasy feeling in my stomach. The young man who made this video seems very much to demonstrate that gay people can and do have traditional morals. I won’t pretend understand how anybody thinks or feels or identifies. I am a straight white male, Christian. I believe that sin exist, that I am a sinner and often fail at being who I should be. I ramble. I used to be a Democrat. I didn’t vote for a president in the last election, couldn’t vote for either. The way things are going it will be easy to vote for Trump in 2020, Political correctness, what at first felt to me as being polite, considering the feelings of others now feels like the destruction of humankind. So I cry for who we are now, what the left is allowing us to become… what people think is good and right and true being synonymous with what we once called evil. I’ve never found my religion to be easy. I believe sin is our nature and so I’m not here to judge anyone, most of us have a good dose of heaven and hell ruling our lives. I keep my faith simple (and maybe I’m wrong). I accept that Jesus is who he says he is. I accept that he paid for my sins with his blood. I repent and try to be better. I don’t know if I’m doing good enough and that’s where I am who I am, human and a sinner and a believer. I once heard a church lady say that when we sincerely accept Jesus that despite our imperfections and sin that God sees us as righteous. My faith is as imperfect as I am but I hope that’s true. Ha ha, it’s like Trump said to black America, what do you have to lose? So, what do you have to lose trying to find Jesus, trying to follow Jesus? And maybe if what my tired old heart believes happens to be true, maybe you have everything to gain. That’s my sermon, may be the only one I give.

  4. Thank you for having the courage to tell the truth!! There aren’t many people willing to do that these days.
    Brandon and the #walkaway crew are doing an amazing thing for all us and our country.

  5. Thank you for showing the Truth and exposing the intolerance and lies of those pompous fools at the theater.
    I hope this Destroys them.

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