British Ambassador To China During Tiananmen Square Massacre: “The Number Of Dead Was Really 10,454”

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“The bodies were cleared away by bulldozers for incineration and blood was hosed into the gutters. The wounded were raced to hospital in bicycle rickshaws.

While the CPC insisted the massacre was necessary to avoid a “counter-revolutionary riot”, then US president George HW Bush denounced the violence and prime minister Margaret Thatcher said she was “shocked and appalled”.

China officially recorded the number of dead as no more than 300 while the Chinese Red Cross on the ground said it was more like 2,700. But Sir Alan Donald, Britain’s ambassador to China at the time, said the death toll was much higher.

Writing in a contemporary memo that was only declassified in 2017, Sir Alan expressed his belief that the number of dead was really 10,454.”

The Independent UK


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