The Truth Barrier Is Back Online



The Truth Barrier has not been publishing for many months, due to technical complications that seemed insurmountable to me but weren’t at all. All I had to do was focus on it and fix it.


I am glad to be publishing again and I hope to gradually restore the site to the way it was before it crashed and all the design and formatting was lost.

A very important note, going forward:

If my fierce opposition to “the left,” “globalism,” “identity politics,” and/or my growing embracement of Christianity bothers you then this website will bother you. I will no longer, this time, allow tantrums in the comments section. I will always allow discussion, debate, etc but not tantrums seeking to convert me to a leftist or an atheist.

Thank you for respecting the new rules.

–Celia Farber


3 thoughts on “The Truth Barrier Is Back Online”

  1. Just found you today and find your comment regaring your “growing embracement of Christianity” of great interest having been born again in the 90s.

    Wondering what happened or where you went as your last post saying you are back was about 5 months ago.

    Would be interested in hearing more about your belief in Jesus. Please consider a prayerful visit to our website.

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