Mark Zuckerberg’s Banality Of Evil: Evasion and Passive Aggression


How then, do you know “evil?”

Thank you for asking.

One of the characteristics of a person who has become overtaken by mass demonic persuasion of some sort, is that they can’t answer a question. This is the penultimate passive aggressive weapon.

What does it mean, then to answer a question?

That you answer the question, not the shell of the question, or some insignificant fragment of the question. That you answer the soul of the question, with your soul of an answer.

This is the strongest evidence I have seen for the “Zuckerberg Is A Robot,” conspiracy theory.

Listen to Senator Durbin’s question, then Mark Zuckerberg’s “answer.”

I suppose if Mr. Zuckerberg were speaking to a wall of machine, wires, computer code, that might pass for an answer. It’s not a dialogue between two human beings though. Only one–

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