Peter Chowka’s Article About My Father: A New Dawn For Old Journalistic Values


It was also tweeted by Sean Hannity, who once told me he grew up listening to my father under the covers late at night. My father would say: “Get up and get a map, because you are going to learn something.” Sean told me: “We didn’t have a map, so I brought a globe to bed.”
He added: “Every time I am a jerk on the show, it’s because of me. Every time I am a gentleman, it’s because of him.”

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  1. Wow, those are some wonderful words from Hannity. Very nice to hear that.

    I had a coworker when I lived in Clifton who was a huge fan. Jim Landrith, he’s the reason that I became conservative. When I first started working at ITT he and I would spar, me being still a liberal and he being a conservative. He was older, and of a time when electrical engineers were of a different caliber. He was also a pilot and for a time the mayor of his town. He knew his history and he knew his perspective. The last time he made a fool of me in a mini debate, I ended up changing how I saw the world. We became friends over time. He wasn’t impressed by much, so when I last saw him we got to talking and I told him that I had met your father, he was floored. Like a younger person knowing you had met a rock star or famous actor. His eyes kind of lit up. I think that that’s the effect your dad has on his avid listeners.

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