Blood On Many Hands: The US Mass Media, Owned And Controlled By Pharmaceutical Companies, Has Covered Up How Prozac And Other SSRIs Cause Mass Shootings For At Least 29 Years, And Helped Eli Lilly Get Away With Rigging The Critical Trial That Would Have Proven It


“Joseph Wesbecker was on Prozac in September 1989 when he walked into his workplace, a Louisville, KY printing plant, shot dead eight colleagues, wounded 12 others, and killed himself. Survivors and relatives of the dead took Lilly to court in 1994. They claimed that Wesbecker’s violence was due to Prozac.

In the process of serving as the expert medical witness in this case, Dr. Breggin evaluated and testified about a number of key documents (all of which are available below as PDFs). At first, the trial was apparently won by Eli Lilly — the jury found that Prozac was not at fault –but the judge later determined that the trial had been rigged; Eli Lilly had paid the plaintiffs to throw the trial by withholding damaging evidence against the company.”

–Dr. Peter Breggin


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