1 thought on “I Lived Through This (If You Can Call This Living)”

  1. For the past quarter-century i have marveled at the attacks you have endured for simply reporting on dissent to the still unproven HIV/AIDS theory and the attacks on the careers and reputation of those who dissent. Never in my thirty years of obsessive research study have I found challenge, rebuttal or refutation of the fact, science and logic presented by your reporting of the dissent or the time tested truth of the dissent itself but only personal attack, slander and defamation of character.

    My attempt to circulate a move-on.org petition filled with irrefutable fact calling for reassessment of the failed HIV theory was rejected as being “not in line with the progressive ideals” of the move-on organization. They did not respond to my request for explanation how or why.

    It is as though nobody remembers the old adage “don’t kill the messenger”?

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