A Colleague, Peter Barry Chowka, Found And Tweeted Something I Wrote Long Ago

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Peter Barry Chowka found (in the archives) and tweeted, an article I wrote about the future of radio, for Media Post, in 2008. I don’t often post published articles of mine here, but some of them hold up well. I don’t even own a copy of my own book. I’ve never read my Wikipedia page. I react neither to praise, nor attacks. I just think about one thing: How to return from disembodiment. Once I have cracked it, I will have a real book too write.

I used to love the process of writing, how it felt to get an idea, when the material started to buzz and hum. Seeing it on the page. Now I mostly write inside my mind, just listening to all the voices, lines, twigs of words. I don’t aim to organize it anymore. I seem to be waiting, like a fossil under the ice bed, until some giant biblical thaw makes it once again a free and safer world, for expression. When the storms of hatred subside, the hammer-blows over the heads of the different-minded.

“Radio used to be strange, free, intimate, mossy – like an enchanted forest, dominated by a few heavy trees that seemed to have sprung from a soil of eccentricity and showmanship. Anything could happen there. It was a medium for the ever wandering minds, the insomniacs, the history buffs, the truth-seekers. Talking meant talking – which entailed listening, combing the ocean’s floor for that which might surprise or delight. It was not, or did not seem, all that connected to money, power or politics – until the mid 1990s. It was around that time I started to truly lose sight of the medium that honors my father as one of its shapers.

When talk is free, when nobody has harnessed it, it is closer to music than speech. Not what is said, but the way it is said.”

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  1. Oh brother. Again i don’t deny the holocaust and i think aids denial is the same thing. Stop acting like you have the power to dictate my belief or argument, which is pointless to you. As the sticker on the hardhat says “danger , stupid kills” . Believe what you want i dont care .

    1. Oh Brother Not satan.
      Again, to equate Nobel genius, scientific dissent of a failed theory with holocaust denial is obfuscation so beneath the quality of your general offerings it makes me wonder why i ever respected your words.

      You ask “in all seriousness” if i “want a debate over HIV/aids??”.
      Accepting your offer by acknowledging long understood ground rules for such debate, i even graced you benefit of foreknowledge to my argument and evidence.

      No interest in the “power to dictate your belief or argument”. You have yet to offer argument for your belief. Merely suggested you open your eyes to knowledge of truth instead of hiding with fear and blind faith in an Eden where you believe unquestioningly what you are told.
      Interestingly i did so using an Apple.
      Call me the satan you are Not.

      Only presented basic rules of order for a debate you offered.
      To maintain civil society (the difference between good and evil) adherence to such rule need be maintained.
      i then presented science, fact and logic as challenge to your ignorance and blind faith belief.
      To reject fact, science and logic in favor of blind faith belief berates your namesakes fall from “grace”.
      To believe without seeing, needing or wanting proof is a slavery that the one you clearly are Not offered freedom from with gift of eye opening knowledge.
      You ask ” Why is it so bloody important that i agree??”
      i am not asking you to believe me.
      i merely ask you not to believe in anything blindly.
      I offer you opportunity for eye-opening awareness and knowledge of truth.
      What have you got without that?
      What have you to support your belief?

      I hereby accept your offer for debate over HIV/AIDS and am eager to take part.
      Shall I present my case or would you like to first offer whatever proof you have for HIV causation of immune failure?
      Remember causation is not simply correlation. There is a difference.

  2. Brother Strawberry is absolutely correct, but is in a bind here. Being correct about facts in the realm of the Psy-Op that is HIV-AIDS is not a positive, but an inversion (negative.) It is preferable to be wrong, which makes you right, as in “right on.” To understand this “wonderland” I again suggest a reading of “Thought Prison: On The Fundamental Nature of Political Correctness” by Bruce Charlton.

    Not Satan, while I have you: Would you be willing to tell me and Brother Strawberry if it was true that Thabo Mbeki’s policy of “delayed rollout” of ARV drugs in South African killed people? If so, how many? Where was this demonstrated? If you don’t know, of course, just say, “I don’t know.”

      1. If you are not a bot perhaps you might suggest the book that provided the proof that convinced you by demonstrating HIV causation of a sexually transmitted epidemic of immune failure.
        If you are a bot just make another unfounded claim or more juvenile mockery, obfuscation and name calling.

  3. I think the time to be creative is when the world is at opposite of what you believe. Thats the time to strike. I dont agree with ANYTHING you hold true. But thats why it is important to write. Do it . The trick is not to live forever , its creating something that does

    1. “The trick is not to live forever , its creating something that does.”
      Words to live by from the mouth/pen of Not satan!

      Admission however “I don’t agree with ANYTHING you hold true” leads me to question the wisdom of their sweeping dismissal.
      Is Not satan unaware of the outstanding research journalism Ms Farber has demonstrated reporting on dissent to the dismal failure of the unproven yet widely accepted as gospel truth theory of HIV as cause of sexually transmitted epidemic immune failure known as AIDS?
      Does Not satan believe HIV causes sexually transmitted immune failure?
      Why? What convinced you? When, where, how and by who was it officially demonstrated and declared proven that hiv causes immune failure? Do you know what the 1984 proposed theory predicted that would prove it to be true?
      Do you know that every prediction has failed? If every expectation that would prove a theory true has failed to reach fruition, when has the theory failed?
      Though I may not agree much that she now holds true, I must give credit where it is due.
      Were it not for the daring, groundbreaking example of true research journalism demonstrated excellently by Celia, I might have followed clinic recommendation to immediately begin AZT in 1987.
      Find me anyone alive today who began AZT in 1987 and we will compare quality of life.
      I also agree with Not satan completely regarding importance of being creative.

    2. What on earth do you know of political correctness? More alt-right nonsense. Grow a freaking spine and quit hanging on alt-right trash , you used to be better then that. Was that PC enough??

  4. A beautiful expression of sentiment shared.
    It is sorrowful that you do not own a copy of Serious Adverse Events. It is example of absolute genius true journalism. Irrefutable Truth! I treasure my copy. It is on the end table beside the couch where I sit. There is a small “Little Thinkers” stuffed doll of Kurt Vonnegut leaning against it. The two most influential writers in my life side by side.

      1. You have spoken such wise truh so often. Though one is indeed free to believe in whatever they wish…phantom dieties, devils and whatnot, you have previously offered fact demonstrating knowledge of the difference between good and evil, truth and lie.
        Surprising that you would choose to believe something you have no proof to support.

      2. This is the first time that Not satan has disappointed me. Truly believed ability to see the difference between good and evil, truth and lie was important to them.
        Losing my faith in Not satan.

        1. In all seriousness, you want a debate over hiv/aids ?? Why is it so bloody important that i agree?? I do not deny the holocaust either. Quit baiting me. Its childish. Proof?? Read a book!! Turn your brain on!!

          1. Nor do I deny the holocaust. My world war 2 veteran uncle who I hand fed daily for two years after a stroke immobilized his arms making such effort impossible on his own shared detailed stories with me from his deathbed about his service on the front lines sweeping through Germany in the 63rd infantry division (Blood and Fire) assuring through eyewitness testimony the validity of a horror unimaginable. My uncles last words were to me. “I wish you peace.” he sighed on nearly his final breath. But that is another story.
            Such childish obfuscation is unbecoming of you and far beneath the general respectability of your postings here. While i may not always agree with the way you present them, your words are most often supported by fact and truth.
            Presuming that you understand the basic rules of order for engaging in public discussion, discourse or debate, surely you understand that each participant present their view on an issue and provide corroborating support to refute any substantiated challenge.
            You claimed to not agree with anything this site holds true.
            i challenged your statement citing science and logic based dissent to the still unproven theory of HIV as cause of sexually transmitted epidemic immune failure offering as evidence the failure of every threat, fear, promise and prediction made since 1984 proposal of that theory.

            I am not baiting you.
            I am not being childish.
            I merely ask you to support what you believe with science and fact.
            You can not do that because in fact it has NEVER been demonstrated that a viral agent now called HIV -formerly LAV/HTLV3 and theorized to cause leukemia (white blood cells reproducing uncontrolled/the opposite of AIDS)-is capable or sufficient to cause immune failure.

            You suggest i read a book and turn my brain on. i assure you that i have read countless books during my thirty year search for proof of the theory that HIV caused AIDS. All i have seen are it’s failings.

            Why has the number of estimated infected not doubled annually?
            Why has HIV not exploded into the general heterosexual population? HPV certainly has.
            How has the population of Africa -where since 1985 no HIV test is required and AIDS is diagnosed presumptively often post-mortem based on symptoms- more than doubled since 1984 prediction of its demise?

            Indeed Not satan, though i may not agree with much of what this site now promotes, to discount the priceless life-saving value of reporting dissent to an unproven but widely accepted theory disgraces the offer of knowledge and truth your namesake once gifted mankind by an apple in the mouth of a serpent from some old fable.

          2. Yes!! In all seriousness!! I want a debate over HIV/aids! As my opening statement I will present the 1984 proposal by gallo theorizing a viral agent he co-discovered (after it was sent to his lab by Luc Montagnier of Pasteur institute) as responsible for a cluster of seemingly infectiously connected immune failure cases occurring in a small subculture of society. We will review every prediction and expectation made with it to compare with actual statistical evidence.
            I will further submit the unchallenged genius of Dr Peter Deusberg’s 1987 alternative proposal demonstrating explanation for those deaths and the mortality in Africa that had been suggested as origin of the bi-coastal gay plague for being acquired through drug consumption and other non-contagious risk factors. We will compare the predictions and expectations made with each proposal to determine accuracy of each in the thirty years since made. Supporting evidence will include numbers and statistics cited from the center for disease control confirming absence of an epidemic. Why would a deadly virus that kills in six months-two years (1984 proposal) mutate into one that now stays latent more than twenty years and may never harm some carriers?
            I will close with the writing of Nobel Prize winner for the PCR method used to determine viral load affirming that his Nobel search for proof of HIV causation has found none.
            I will then cede the debate to your presentation, reminding you that telling me to open a book and look it up myself is not considered valid response and will

            disqualify you from taking part.

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