CNN Attacks FBI Reform Post Memo: Disgruntled Deep State Ex-CIA Instead of Lamenting Corruption And Overreach, Whines That FBI Agents are “Ticked Off;” Warns Trump: “We’ve Been Around Since 1908”


Yeah, we know, and we’re getting kind of sick of you, with your dirty, Godforsaken boot on our American necks. You’re counting on your Trump Is Literally Hitler Psy-Op to keep you in power, but the Deep State’s days are numbered. Thank you Diane Roark, William Binney, Ed Loomis, Kirk Wiebe, Ed  Snowden, Julian Assange, and many, many deep state whistleblowers whose names have yet to be illuminated. The war is not between Pro and anti-Trump factions, but between those who support a surveillance state with unchecked powers to violate every American citizen, including Donald Trump, vs those who would oppose this passionately and vehemently.

Clip above.


Do you feel, as I do, (when you hear this agent of the Deep State spittling forth on CNN) that the agent, Mr. Mudd, is speaking a dangerous language and cares nothing for the will of the American people? It feels like violence, to me. I watch it once, and that will have to be enough.


‘All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.’


Comments from RT, reflecting part of the international conversation about the Nunes Memo [LINKED in this NYT article) and its implications:


“Why do nearly all American politicians sound like they’re standard government villains from Marvel movies? Is it just arrogance? Are they drama queens?

This guy seriously sounds so proud that he “knows how the game goes” and “you’ve only been here 13 months.. we’ve been here since 1908″. Sounds like dudes measuring eachothers’ members’. FBI/DOJ get caught red handed in a corruption scandal, and this guy is treating it like a football game. He’s proud that a corrupt system is capable of outwitting an elected official… how is this not causing protests?”


“Pelosi also knew how it would go. “Trump won’t win, you can take it to the bank”. The whole American political system is full of false prophets. They don’t know how it will go.”

“The fact remains that if the FBI are not worried, then why did they the Dems, the MSM and twitterati try so hard to block its release?”

“That “guy” isn’t a politician. He is CIA as are many of the broadcasters for CNN and MSNBC.
all NWO operatives.”

“I don’t really know how the different departments in US work. But it’s pretty obvious that nobody, not even the president has enough control to real in the FBI, CIA etc no matter what they do or how they act.
It may have been established that way to fight corruption etc. within, but no safeguards were put in place to control those departments when they themselves become corrupt.”
“FBI out of control since J Edgar Hoover, and CIA since Truman.”

“The FBI, Hoover and his Einstein and the Communism phobia…
FBI, CIA, NSA….mankind have about none of them a good meaning. They are under control of Oligarchs and the deepstate and their leaders are acting like Kindergarden cops…”
“Actually, since 1909.”

“Yeah, “we are going to win”, just ask Comey and McCabe. ; )”

“The agencies forgot they are nothing without peoples and govmnt. Support.
And now EVERYONE knows that CIA and FBI and KGB have designed whole sy stem of the world for past 50 years……This WILL stop. In next 15 years all memories of current leaders will be erased.

Mark my words.

Humans dont praise Murderers….or do they?”

“Wrong! they have never worked for the people nor have they been elected by the people.
the Soros of the world, the Rothys, all control the world and have never been elected.”

“The MEMO is the kick start, followed by a tsunami that will wash the swamp like never before.”

“One would hope… nobody appears to care about this. People genuinely don’t realize how serious a precedent this sets – there is corruption in the top organizations of government.

Americans will suffer for their apathy because of this. They may not understand how dangerous this situation is, letting FBI/DOJ off the hook for illegal actions. This is going to snowball in the next 10-20 years.”

“This isn’t only about US citizens, this is global and the root cause as to how presidents have been bought to create global terrorism ,and not held accountable I’m sure Africans especially in Libya and Middle East especially Palestinian’s ,Iranians; Syrians, Iraqis South America especially Venezuelans Cuba Asia North Korea 9/11, JFK MLK etc this is global and huge.”

“I hope and pray you are right, comrade.”



6 thoughts on “CNN Attacks FBI Reform Post Memo: Disgruntled Deep State Ex-CIA Instead of Lamenting Corruption And Overreach, Whines That FBI Agents are “Ticked Off;” Warns Trump: “We’ve Been Around Since 1908””

  1. Okay , but you do know that Trump in January signed surveillance extension into law ,
    the sweeping warrant-less programs that intercept digital traffic of foreign targets while hoovering up the personal information of an unknown number of Americans. YES , that law..
    Then to defend your case you use RT (?)
    Do you at all see the hypocrisy in this??

    1. I do.

      Trump is not my issue. I have bigger fish to fry.

      Trump is actually largely incidental, to the Story Of Our Time, which is: The overreach, exposure (by whistleblowers) and final unraveling of the US Deep State which is complicit as we know in crimes from JFK to 9/11.

      If you DON’T know that, you are are very good (or subtle) hallucinogens.

      Only easily fooled goldfish are falling for EITHER the anti-Trump or the pro-Trump spy-ops. Trump is one man. One President. 4 or 8 years. Me, I am interested in systems.

      Not personality, nor gossip, nor gladiatorial class wars and distractions from what TRULY matters to human life.

      Government tyranny. Vs. Government accountability.

      Smart people read Wikileaks. Listen to William Binney. Read and listen to Diane Roark. Research the history of Trailblazer, SARC, Thin Thread…smart people know who the criminals are at the heart of all of this.

      Oh, Gerald? You brought up the word “excellent,” in trying to persuade me Rachel Maddow is “excellent.” She sure is rich. But is she “excellent?”

      I offer to you, two names I consider “excellent:”

      William Binney and

      Diane Roark

      (among many, way way way superior, to Maddow, who has cashed in to the system, supports it every step of the way, and simply does not get the story of the century. Her century. Doesn’t mean she’s not “super smart.”)

      1. I saw the 60 Minutes piece on Binney and what he went through was terrible. However, he and Roark are only two people and much of what they say is based on speculation now that they are out of any intelligence agency. Also, I have to wonder if some of what they say now may be tainted due to the horror they endured.

        I do agree that there is obvious corruption within the intelligence community (just look at what happened to Binney and Roark). However, not everyone within any agency or organization is corrupt; I would venture to say that the majority of people are not corrupt.

        But you as an individual do seem to have a penchant for seeing boogey men where they may not actually exist. You have a history of believing in anything that is in direct opposition of the consensus. You actually even seem to choose whatever group is furthest from the consensus whether it be HIV, vaccines, climate change or even one I only saw on your facebook page: injuries to babies via extreme breastfeeding. I even saw where you are convinced that a trans activist confronted Rose McGowan because she was a paid shill, and with no evidence to back up such a heinous accusation.

        It may be ingrained in your soul at this point, but I do think it would behoove you to stop relying on fringe “journalists” such as Cernovich, Hannity and the worst human on the planet, Alex Jones, as well as those of their ilk.

        1. Gerald: sounds like you drank the MSM/gubmint cool aid and consider independent truth seekers to be ‘conspiracy theorists’. LOL.
          “Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary to mainstream media stereotypes, those labeled “conspiracy theorists” appear to be saner than those who accept the official versions of contested events.”

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