Nunes Memo Declassified: Black Friday For Deep State Collusionists in Media and FBI


“The House Intelligence Committee has released its controversial memo outlining alleged abuses of secret surveillance by the FBI and Justice Department in the Trump-Russia investigation. Here are some key points:

* The Steele dossier formed an essential part of the initial and all three renewal FISA applications against Carter Page.

* Andrew McCabe confirmed that no FISA warrant would have been sought from the FISA Court without the Steele dossier information.

* The political origins of the Steele dossier were known to senior DOJ and FBI officials, but excluded from the FISA applications.

* DOJ official Bruce Ohr met with Steele beginning in the summer of 2016 and relayed to DOJ information about Steele’s bias. Steele told Ohr that he, Steele, was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected president and was passionate about him not becoming president.”

–Washington Examiner



17 thoughts on “Nunes Memo Declassified: Black Friday For Deep State Collusionists in Media and FBI”

  1. I’ve read some of your posts and checked you on twitter Brother Strawberry. I Really like what I’ve read. i am a huge fan Mr Kurt Vonnegut Jr . i must have been amazing to know him.

    1. Tis great honor indeed that my words be considered favorably by one opposed to misinformation and untruth.
      Interestingly, some claim the ability to recognize that difference between the good of truth and the evil of misinformation/untruth is what started this whole mess. But that us another story.
      Knowing Kurt was nothing short of amazing. Resurrecting him, at least in my writings is a mixed blessing.
      He still chainsmokes unfiltered Pall Malls. Hasn’t lost a bit of his wit but he is none too happy bout my dragging him into an afterlife he doesn’t believe in and has no interest in.
      Think he complained about the time when the most powerful names in American government were bush, dick and colon you should hear him now.

  2. FISA are approved by hand picked judges , the fica judge in this case was hand picked by Judge Scalia.
    Its a farce.
    Remember satan lies. Satan wants you to lie.
    Truth kills evil

      1. It means :
        1) the process for obtaining a FICA warrant is approved by a judge, the judges on the FICA bench are handpicked by the top banana on the Supreme Court, was Scalia now Roberts , not exactly a den of liberal bias.
        2) Carter Page has been under investigation since 2013
        3) Trump has been laundering cash through Russia since around the same time (its actually Russia through trump) since he does not pay his debts and banks stopped lending to him. Well known dead beat. Ive personal experience with this.
        4) Russia is way old school about things, old tricks are the best tricks, so they put people they do business with in ..err…compromising situations and make sure its on film
        Trump no exception. In his case it involves an under age girl.
        5) other countries intelligence picked up chatter involving carter page and warned us , that and his 3 buddys here got busted as spys.
        6) we (you , me, America) took our evidence, went to handpicked judge with a armload of stuff and convinced judge we needed to spy on carter page. Every 6 months “we” need to go back to said judge and show cause , proof that this is worth doing.
        7) trump runs for president, trump who has close to a billion in “not his” money cannot in anyway hurt his relationship with Russia as he again owes them tons of cash and they have a film of him raping a young girl. So Enter Carter Page , the trump campaign gets a bunch-o-guys in russias pocket (you know which ones , they pled guilty on lesser charges and are now presenting evidence against trump)
        More FICA Warrants …..
        8) russia helps trump campaign, young trump campaign manager (george p) gets drunk , spills beans to foreign officials about russias help , foreign officials get worried call FBI. investigation begins. George p is busted for something else and agrees to wear a wire and goes back to work at trump campaign, recording the whole shebang.
        9) Republican think tank hires gps to dig up dirt on trump as Republicans fear what this dude would do to our great land. When trump gets the Republican nomination , democratic think tank takes over now famous dossier.
        10) you know the rest and i am tired. In 2 months trump will become the first sitting us president indicted.

        The satan part is satan wants you (me , everyone) to lie. Like take pizzagate : lies are spread , excitement begins , chatter chatter chatter , tension is built…..guy with gun enters based on the original lie. Satans work is complete.

        1. Finally a counter-scenario is clear, at least.

          Which Republican think tank hired Fusion GPS to get dirt on Trump?

          Also: Might you share your real name? What is your personal experience with Trump being a dead beat?

          Do you know why Seth Rich was killed, or by whom? Why did Hillary say they would all “hang” if he won?

          1. 1) the dossier started life funded by “the Washington Free Beacon” google them
            2) my name is not important .
            3) a company i worked with accidentally did business with trump , he is notorious for non-payment , it was a $250.000 mistake . At last count he (or an a bunch of LLC’s of him) has been sued close to 4000 times. we sued and one of his charity groups paid the money , We signed an NDA. ( yup a charity fund . lol)
            4) Seth Rich. i know what you believe . But Fox News was sued by The Rich family and they (Fox) turned around and sued contributor Rod Wheeler for providing a false story.
            5) Hillary , umm..okay..what? well a quick google search provided me with :
            saying that that to is false information.

            personalty i think you may spend to much time on Reddit or Hannity , But hey Who am i to say.

            i will have a web series coming soon. may i interview you?

            1. No, but thanks anyway. I know how to follow information, and I followed the lede you left earlier. I will post here what it yielded, in the form of a FB post. I live to enhance and advance my understanding of things. Now I understand that the dossier began with Singer, the Republican Hedge Fund billionaire and Rubio backer. Be right back. If you don’t mind, please remove “Satan” from your handle. I do not like how it feels. Thank you. And Strawberry, I deleted your “Hail Not Satan!” for same reason. I know you think these words can be tossed around without consequence but I don’t and it’s my website.

            2. Understanding that it is indeed your website, it nevertheless mystifies that you censor/delete my welcoming praise for opposition of the luciferian evil that is misinformation and untruth.
              They who took upon themselves the name forbidden to be uttered on your website proclaimed and explained their use of the moniker.

            3. ” know you think these words can be tossed around without consequence ”
              What consequence is there to offering welcoming praise for the negation of evil untruth?

            4. “Not Satan…” here is what has me depleted now: You think Snopes is a reliable corrector in the Fake News death storm?

              I am not sure how awe can ever exchange “truths” if you think THOSE people are even remotely truthful. I do not “doubt” on the face of it that Trump has been sued 4,000 for unpaid bills. Fits the archetype.

            5. Here is what I mentioned above, my FB post following pursuing a must elemental online search about the photo-origins of the “dossier.”

              Post, and NYT article below:

              We should all read this. Maybe twice. To understand the roots of yesterday’s memo. Sure enough, it all started with a Republican hedge fund billionaire named Paul Singer, who backed Marco Rubio. (Did anybody see Rubio’s furious, miserable face during SOTU?) HE got the “dossier” going, and hired Fusion GPS, which is a Black PR destruction operation where the operatives are…wait for it…former WSJ. Wall Street Journal.
              How did this article not get more attention? Always have to work the puzzle pieces backwards. Not much is making sense yet, but it will.
              #Your Media Should Not Be Violent And Funded By Hedge Fund Billionaires

              Conservative Website First Funded Anti-Trump Research by Firm That Later Produced Dossier
              The Washington Free Beacon, a website funded by a major G.O.P. donor, initially retained the firm that later conducted opposition research for Democrats.

          2. for good measure i checked with a friend of mine who ran part of hillarys campaign about that quote “she laughed and laughed” . i do also have friends who work for republican organizations , but most of them would be to embarrassed to admit it.

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