House Rules


This website is a “labor of love” (that gratefully receives some micro-donations, but not enough to maintain editorial overhead and Celia’s life/income.) This website has for a long time been trying to become more a) consistent b) up to date with new media, meaning transition to video podcasts, c) relatively harmonious, not plagued by fights in the comment sections. When those conditions are met, it will earn its salt and attract more supporters on Patreon–OR–it will die because things that can’t sustain themselves die. (Wrongly referred to as “Darwinism.”*)

(*Why wrong? Because apparently Chuck Darwin never wrote the words “survival of the fittest, but I must double back and find out the details of this via my friend James Macallister, who worked closely with Lynn Margulis.)

I don’t want it to die, and I don’t want the financing of it to depend upon me harassing my readers to become patrons. I believe somehow things can float with or without “money,” and I am kind of a magician at this. This post is not about money. It is however, about survival. Energy and frequency.

I can not keep the site going, and allow those participants who consistently appear to tell me everything I post is wrong, stupid, crazy, right wing, paranoid, etc. I erred on the side of NOT blocking for so long that I created actual trauma to myself and my readers in some cases. It’s depressing to always be countered and tomato-pelted, but NO, I am not censorious and thin-skinned.  Anybody can correct anything at any time. But this is no longer the playground of anybody who objects vociferously and regularly to EVERYTHING I post, or even “just about” everything. It’s too draining and demoralizing. The site will die if I give up. And the constant, relentless objections are very wearying.

I understand that I have offended some people and there are people who are upset with me and hate this website and everything I come up with.

I understand that I made mistakes in the past and I insulted certain people when I myself felt insulted. I want it all to stop. I apologize that I partook in anybody being injured. I want never to hurt anybody. I want us to figure out, together, what the big truths are. I am honored to host this website, to that end, and grateful to all who come here and contribute their thoughts, knowledge, and time.

Anybody who finds they are blocked, please know that I WANTED your participation here as member of this online “family” but it became untenable because the frequency was destructive and combative.

I remain open to non-abusive criticisms of all kinds.

If you’re blocked, you were also warned, many times. BE RESPECTFUL.

I have challenges behind closed doors that are not visible here, but I ask that you take my word for it–the struggles are formidable. I need to captain this ship. Anybody who is not with me, (not “agreeing” or “conforming” but also not constantly disagreeing) is now off the ship. It is always a possibility that things will change and people can return with new better intentions.

Thank you. The next step is going to be to transition from print to audio/video, and interviews. When I can find time, and what the Swedes call “ork” which means vital energy.

7 thoughts on “House Rules”

  1. I am sorry that there has been troll attacks on your site. I think of your site as a little gold nugget of info and look forward to your posts. You tell the truth that not even the heavies will touch or are bound not to. Keep up the good work and please don’t be discouraged by the dark souls that search the internet for people to bully.

  2. Darwin argued that cooperation, not competition, was the key to survival. But the rich folks who owned the newspapers made up the “survival of the fittest” nonsense to justify their own rapaciousness.

    As soon as I become employed again I would love to make a financial contribution!

    1. Marcy, it seems you know alot about the Fake-Newsing of Darwin. Fascinating. Maybe when things settle, if they haven’t killed us all, we can talk more about this. I suppose I should not make distasteful “jokes” like that…

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