15 thoughts on “Did Q Reveal The Contents Of The Memo?”

  1. I didn’t hear anything in the above video that seems that remarkable to me. To wit: there is a memo that people in Congress are talking about releasing that has some explosive information in it. At this point, what else would that be? To subvert the election? They already did that, and everyone knows. To take away the 2nd amendment? They’ve openly wanted that for years.

    Why did the Obma admin take this stance toward Iran where all roads would in fact lead to them getting nuclear weapons? Why did they hand them a pallet of unmarked bills of different currencies? Is any of that even remotely up for debate at this point? That Hillary had a disdainful attitude toward minority voters? That the current flu is deadly in this odd way that we’ve never quite seen before?
    Where’s the controversy? What does anybody think is in the memo? Who believes that the democrats don’t want to take down the United States? What does “fundamental change” mean?

  2. It is ironic how this video reminds me of the paranoid rantings from the nineteen eighties and early nineties proclaiming that HIV was a government created bug designed and released through the smallpox vaccine in Africa and the hepatitis-b vaccine trials among gay men in New York and San Francisco with intent to exterminate two-thirds of the world population by the year 2000.
    Back in the days when the words “research journalism” still meant something.

    1. Strawberry , you aren’t even rational. There is nothing paranoid about the facts that HIV was a created bioweapon. Yes it was designed to do just that, as was bird flu and swine flu. Perhaps you might study the Spanish flu and where the first outbreak occurred. What do you know about research? I agree with the other reply, you add nothing constructive.

      1. Ray, in my opinion HIV wasn’t created as a bioweapon. The fact of the matter is that it hasn’t even been conclusively proven to exist. The weapon was the PR. The weapon was the medicine that they used to ‘treat’ the ‘illness’. The weapon was the sexual revolution in the first place.

        1. Agreed with every word ericson wrote here until “the weapon was the sexual revolution”.

          The ignorance of songtree screams!

  3. Wrong BS. The Q posts have been incredibly accurate and this recent one is in alignment with the globalist/one world government/agenda 21 plan that some of us have been studying for decades. It supports all the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. It supports Obama’s buildup of troops on the Russian border and the provocative war rhetoric exacerbated by Hillary and the mockingbird media. It’s about time the average deluded democrat faces the fact that they have been deceived and have been supporting murderous pedophiles bent on the destruction of America. They must read Rules For Radicals (along with it’s dedication to Lucifer!) to learn just how despicable these people really are and how the acquisition of power is their only goal and that liberals are always “useful idiots” in their diabolical global domination plan.

    Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky
    This is the playbook used by Obama, Hillary and all democrats today which is dedicated to Lucifer. All liberals are controlled by their radical masters and this program has been brewing into our institutions for decades.

    Propaganda by Edward Bernays
    How minds have been systematically manipulated since 1928.

    Century of the Self (Full Movie) by Adam Curtis, BBC Films
    This illustrates how Bernays implemented his strategies and how the consumerist culture was created.

    Tragedy and Hope 101 by Joe Plummer (& Carroll Quigley)
    The real story of the creation of the fiat financial system, World Power and the Globalist agenda to rule the world through the creation of an international money syndicate.

    The Great Global Warming Swindle (Full Movie) British Channel 4
    Learn the great truths about the suppression of real science and the climate change agenda.

    1. She hasn’t blocked your idiotic posts, so sure. Why not.

      GO AWAY. Go…do something. Anything. Make a video about how fake Q is. Anything besides stifling conversation at this modest website.

      “It is ironic how”

      No. That’s not what ironic means. Ironic means the opposite of what’s expected, and the way you present your skepticism it would seem like it was indeed expected.

      I’m going to extend a clearly fake olive branch sibling fruit; have you followed the Q story?

      1. Fuck off ericson.
        Of I am scolded for my harsh, profane retort it will further demonstrate the hypocrisy as ericson has repeatedly in the past used the same.

            1. Brother Strawberry, I removed your article, as you requested. I have addressed that email I wrote you last winter many times. I have apologized for my words, and tried to explain why and how I got so angry. I do not feel that Stephen Ericson “spews hate” but everybody can see that you hate ME. I’m not hosting regulars who abuse me, anymore. You can spew rage at me over one email once, twice, or even 15 times, but not 100 times and not at the cost of the esprit of the whole site. Many of us tried to bring you around but you did not WANT to be less livid. Hence, I finally gave up.

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