Breaking Through Fantasies And Myths About Candida, “Inflammation,” and Cancer: And How Slaves Cured Their Dying Masters With Gum Spirits


“Ok so this is another, I believe, fantasy. Whenever medicine talks about inflammation you can just substitute the word ‘inflammation’ for parasites.”

–Dr. Jennifer Daniels

This is one of the most eye-opening interviews I have ever heard.

Before I posted this, I watched many YouTube testimonials from people who have used turpentine in either sugar or castor oil, to rid themselves of parasites and re-balance candida. If you ingest no more than one teaspoon of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine daily, distributed on either (white) sugar cubes or in castor oil, according to those who have tried it, you will immediately start to purge parasites and effectively curb candida.

A most fascinating part of this interview traces this cure–all to the era of slavery:  When slave-owners were near death, they would go to their slaves’ cabins and ingest the tonic the slaves used (actually, how reprehensible it is to even have to refer to human beings as slaves but that it the word we are left with) to remain healthier than their “owners.” It was also once known as “Apache chewing gum.”

I have ordered a reputable brand and will try this remedy myself as soon as it arrives. I have been unwell (fatigue, brain fog, etc) for about 10 years, and found no real relief despite following various gut-healing, anti-inflammation protocols. I now believe that, yes, parasites are the problem for most of us. The blind spot, and the source of our “demons.”  Here is Dr. Daniel’s PDF, detailing her research on the healing power of gum spirits. I hope you listen to the entire interview, before making up your mind one way or the other. The African-American patients Dr. Daniels questioned had, in many cases, grandmothers who were still alive, well, and taking care of themselves well into their 90s, using this old folk remedy.

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  1. I haven’t looked at the Video Yet and have not heard of Apache Chewing Gum yet but have tried just about everything else. I have found good results from Grape Fruit Seed in Powdered form. I have put it in capsules read up on it. You have to try many things because Candida changes its form when it is being attacked. It change back into a spore. Using the sugar is a good idea because candida loves sugar and will eat all it can get consuming your oxygen with it. Good luck and keep writing and investigating.

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