2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease: What Really Works?”

  1. George,

    This all sounds great. I listened to Dr. Williams more and more after first discovering her, and am now (again) unsure about Lyme testing to say the least. It’s a WB (Western Blot) just like the “HIV test” which does not test for, as the test inserts tell us, “…the presence or absence of HIV.”

    We have all experienced “Lyme Disease” (sledgehammer-like) and also experienced that antibiotics “work.” But the MODEL for Lyme is very wobbly. Conventional lyme tests for example come back that I am a “Lyme virgin” yet I was crippled with it in the late 1980s and again in the late 90s, so why does the test say I have never been exposed to it? What actually “cures” it? Is it a spirochete? I get so frightfully BORED by Lyme disease, though I probably drag it along in my backpack of bio-challenges. In any case, DO listen to Dr. Jennifer Daniels. BOY is she ear-opening.

  2. Thanks, Celia, for this infopact video! I’ve been dancing with the lymies for several years now and have tried a number of cures and methodologies. Something must be working because I’m happily alive and excited for more adventure. I’m going for a fourth in the latest series of Rife machine sessions this morning. My latest helper, who I would classify as a medical intuitive, has me off gluten, dairy, sugar and peanut butter and on banderol and samento. As we speak, I’m drinking a huge cup of homegrown stevia, mugwort, peppermint, tulsi plus store bought ginger, whole lemon and green tea. I’ve taken doxy in the past and it certainly knocks the buggers down in the acute stage, but seems like every Spring they get excited again. Don’t we all. I thought maybe there was a purpose, a message– slow down, George! You’re trying to do too much! So I had a conversation with their collective spirit informing them that I got the message and they could let go of my throat. That seemed to work too!

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