Happy New Year, To All Friends of The Truth Barrier, and Thank You



Thank you for all you do to keep the determined flame here. I am always amazed and grateful that YOU are still there.  May we all find more of what we seek, in 2018. Happy New Year! And here’s a little bit of Pushkin to kick us off, from my Russian friend Marina Himanen. <3

–Celia Farber





It’s time, my friend, it’s time! (Rhyming)

Versions: #1#2
It’s time, my friend, it’s time — the heart demands repose —
The days are flying by, and with each moment goes
A tiny slice of life, and vainly, you and I
Endeavor thus to live, but in a wink we die.

There is no bliss on Earth, but there is scope and solace;
For many years I’ve dreamed of this elusive promise:
A place that will give me, a tired slave, new strength
Through able-bodied work and simple, pleasant things.


–Alexander Pushkin

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year, To All Friends of The Truth Barrier, and Thank You”

  1. Frere Framboise – I’m sorry I was so irritating.

    I should know better than to provoke gender strife.
    Or any strife at all, for that matter. I am sorry.

    I think of you.
    I regret being mean, snooty, and fiddly with language, and injuring you thereby. A low tactic on my part, born of ‘powerlessness’ confronted over many years.

    I don’t like ‘vengeance’. Or pay back. Life is short – ‘in a wink we die’ – let’s be jovial?

    “Peace on earth, Good Will among Men and Women.”

    Can you, please, forgive me?
    Can we amiably not carry our ‘dispute’, its ruffles, its stress,
    over into the next precious year on Earth?

    Wishing you fulfillment, and piquancy,
    in 2018.

    We will never have a year like it, it is singular, and both of us belong,
    like children sitting near each other at a table, to the upcoming thriller, riding along in carriage number 2018, freshest episode, spawned by our great father, brave, onward rolling, unstoppable, Time. This sentence is too fiddly, but you get my drivel, my drift?

    What do you say?

    kind regards,

    Ms. Sourkraut & the Pickles.
    [aka Berenice]
    White Flag Lane,
    In the hot vasts of Australia,
    First Day of the Year, as we understand it.

  2. Hapee Nu Ieer, Sielyaugh!

    Wair du I biegihn?

    Luhvlee dehklaraishuhn yu pehnnd uhbuhv phor the swoosh in.

    Shplendido phinalee biy gud ‘ohl Ruuskee ruusturz, Al, X, and Andur Poochikihn.

    2018, heer uie ghoae! …moahr feenguhr-lihkin mihlkee wai gahluxee hihchin, bihchin, schouwtihn, twihstihn, dahnsihn, gihvihn, luhrnihn, lihsnuhn, kissin, spittin, wishin, whistlin, fishin, cookin, eatin, drinkin, risin, sinkin, shittin and pissin…

    …sails leanin towards freedom, oh yes.

    Congratulations and gratitudes backatchya, Lady Farber!!!!!

    …and to all in the “Truth Barrier family”!!!!!

    1. i’m always a sucker for a Scotch accent, but this is the least cliched new year greeting i ever came across, or ever attempted to disentangle – so that i could actually HEAR it, inwardly [which is the way I like my Scotch.]

      Thank you, John Powell

  3. Celia, thank you for creating and sustaining a place that has no equal on the Web. TheTruth Barrier is clearly a labor of love.

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