CIA Operative Reveals He Was Offered Half A Million Cash To Blow Up Murrah Building In Oklahoma City: Shortly Thereafter, Is In A Car Wreck


I listened to this entire interview 3 days ago in The Trauma Bath (I feel most calm when I am in a hot bath with 2 cups of bentonite clay.) I have discovered that I only listen properly when I am in The Trauma Bath. (I could call it the Anti-Trauma bath.) I then sent an urgent email to Stephen Ericson asking if I was crazy or if he also thought this was not only shocking but probably real. The trouble with everything these days is you simply can’t tell if it’s real or if it’s part of the great infinite Psy-Op on the collective human brain.

I think this is “real” and true. I can’t say for sure but for what my battered ears are now worth, I think so. I would like to know what you all think.

This is an infuriating and devastating two hours of human testimony. It sickens me to think that I know people who voted for Hillary Clinton. Thank God she did not win.


13 thoughts on “CIA Operative Reveals He Was Offered Half A Million Cash To Blow Up Murrah Building In Oklahoma City: Shortly Thereafter, Is In A Car Wreck”

  1. “It’s virtually impossible to have such a stream of information during 2+hours where nothing feels “wrong” in the tone, the emotions displayed and the info.”

    It doesn’t sound to me like he’s reading it, so? The other option if it were fake would be that he memorized this whole work of fiction. It doesn’t sound like that. Again, how good of an actor do you think this guy is?

    I don’t see a motive, save for it’s some fraction of the intelligence community who runs something counter to the Clinton gang, which of course is an option…but in truth, to what end? Are these kinds of things effective? Who’s listening? Aren’t there better ways of changing a narrative than some obscure guy who wrote a book? In the big picture, is it worth the effort? I’m not saying that nobody’s listening, but if you’re roll model is Gary Webb…how many people are even going to know your name? What’s the point of some hick picking a fight with the CIA? I only call him that because of the accent, he can call me whatever he wants due to mine, I won’t be offended.

    The depleted uranium, that’s gone through the ringer before. It’s not some unknown thing.

    1. Call me a grammar nazi but Didn’t you mean to say role model instead of “roll model”? Or were you talking about rolling downhill into a pile of dung?

      ericson is a pathetic, paranoid, ignorant, hate-filled shit of a human being.

      Though celia allows ericson to spew all the profanity. hate and name-calling his ill-informed fingers can type, odds are she will delete any factual, well worded reply from me.
      If celia farber still had any integrity left she would delete the uninformed, hateful ignorance of ericson and allow the dignified, intelligent, well-written and factual writings from John Powell to post.

      What happened to Mr Powell celia?

      Why isn’t he posting here anymore?

      Or has he tried, only to be blocked and censored in favor of filling your website with the barrier to truth that is the hate-filled, paranoid, absurd rantings and ramblings of your loyal cult following that defines what a satan truly is?

      ericson is a shit exampke of a human being.
      ericson is a shit example of a writer.
      If celia censors my words while allowing the profane, hate-filled ignorance posted by ericson to remain, there need be no further proof for her lack of integrity and decency.

      1. “Or were you talking about rolling downhill into a pile of dung?”

        I was talking about rolling into an early grave for uncovering the truth. But that said, yeah grammar Nazi and dickless fascist in general, you got me. I’m not a writer. I’m just some guy who works for a living who likes to think about things that people like you think we should all ignore. That’s why I come here.

        Why do you? That’s the question. Powell is gone probably because he’s like you, just another butt hurt loser. Why don’t you go with him? There are conversations to be had, and we’re trying to have them. What are you doing here.

  2. “Because ericson”

    That’s spelled with a capital E, sibling fruit.

    I use this simple phrase when someone asks me if something is possibly real or not; “penetrate the ostensible”. It’s funny, I do admit to being somewhat paranoid, but religious? Not entirely. I feel like I can see when other people are practicing a religion, like when Michael Aquino founded the Temple of Set for example. It’s just there, it’s not the kind of thing you need to be skeptical about.

    Because really, when you get right down to it, when it comes to the FBI and the CIA, what’s not ostensible? Is it not a known known that they ran crack into urban ghettos? It seems funny to me that Celia would need my validation, but suffice to say, I’M fucking HONORED, brother fruit. If Celia mother fucking Farber asks some shit head like you to take a listen to something, you can bet the ranch that it’s going to be interesting and worth discussing. And about that one or two that may have slipped by in retrospect; is she more frequently wrong than…Newsweek?

    You and I know the answer is clearly, NO. However, the things that she’s been consistently right about are of way more import and consequence than the things she’s gotten wrong. If she’s been burned by ‘fake news’ guess who else has? Civilization, that’s who. Everyone and everything.

    (and if you disagree with the above, it does beg the question of why one would come here? Weirdo.)

    This story is boiler plate CIA mischief. What’s even remotely unbelievable about it? It seems truly weird to me that people would believe that there’s this underworld of actors, who can do an intelligent hick such as they do, with accuracy that would put any actor in Hollyweird to shame. Who are these people who are a) southern for the most part and b) such great writers of paranoid fiction and c) who are also top notch actors who deliver these performances that sound…pretty fucking good? I mean, imagine Brad Pitt rambling out an entire story without sounding unconvincing? These story tellers, purveyors of fiction do it for the _____. Fill in the blank for me. For the plausibility of their own suicide? For the recognition? Who do you think they want to make it with? Alex Jones? It makes me wonder about Asange or Snowon or Manning was in it for? Love of country? Jullian Assange did this for love of Australia? No, I think it’s because they saw things they couldn’t ignore.

    That the Clinton Foundation is a money laundering operation, that Oklahoma City involved multiple cover ups, that there was more than one shooter in Las Vegas last year, that WT7 was a controlled demolition, that there was a shooter in the grassy knoll, it’s all boiler plate stuff. The Uranium One/Russian collusion thing that’s going on in Congress as we speak, that overshadows all of this.
    My heart breaks for our enlisted men who were used as guinea pigs by the CIA,just as my blood boils at the mere idea that they brought Nazis into the United States who created Lyme’s disease, just as it horrifies me that they traffic children at the bidding of powerful Satanists.
    Again, all of this is boiler plate.

  3. Because ericson is always one to turn to when trying to determine fact and truth from paranoid delusion fueled by religious fervor.

    One twitter reply said “He says he was offered half a million first and then later in the show says a million, so perhaps getting his book will help nail down those details ”

    He can’t remember if he was offered half a million or a million dollars to blow up a federal building?

    It sickens me that I know people who voted for a man who admits to sexual assault and sexual predation of young women.

  4. To me, it is absolutely real. I’ve read his book too. Everything is coherent. Not one faux pas in the tale which might be revealing of a psyop. It’s virtually impossible to have such a stream of information during 2+hours where nothing feels “wrong” in the tone, the emotions displayed and the info. I also listened to his very ling interview with Ole Dammegard, and reached the same conclusion.

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