3 thoughts on “What Could FBI Agent Peter Strzok Possibly Have Meant When He Said We Can’t Risk Letting The American People Elect A President?”

  1. “NWO head witch Hitlery Rottweiler Killem”

    Wonder if the host of this site would tolerate such mockery of the tRump?

    As if the hitler comment isn’t tasteless enough, to declare someone a killer based on rumor and speculation is absolutely repugnant revealing the gutter slime of your character.

  2. Anyone who thinks presidents are democratically elected in the USA is living a dream world. Bernie Sanders was the real winner of the Democratic nomination, but the deep state NWO head witch Hitlery Rottweiler Killem wouldn’t stand for any kind of democracy.

    George W. Bush won the Republican nomination because he bought so many delegates. That was what he said when he was asked about the California primary. He said he wouldn’t be a problem because they had “already bought all of the delegates.”

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