What Ailments Can You Heal, Both Physical and Emotional, With a Teaspoon Of Clay A Day?


This conversation is worth paying very close attention to. It has many astonishing reveals, about common mineral deficiencies and things like irritability and quarrelsomeness, all the way to arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, insomnia, bone spurs, ADHD, and more.

I am considering writing, in 2018, strictly on health and healing matters as I continue to attempt resurrection of my own collapsed health, and find a strong urge to share what is working and what clues I find along the way.  I find all things pertaining to minerals fascinating. I am always drawn to them. Just a warning–I am also, of late, completely obsessed with activated charcoal. The color, first of all. It is so black you actually can’t see it. Like the black in the horse’s pupil in that poem by…aaargh. Who do I mean? Russian. I’ll find it. I have a sinus infection and am even more forgetful than usual. I have had today: One glass of charcoal, one glass of Bentonite Clay, one clay bath, and some vegetable broth. Sea Salt and tea tree oil Netti pot for 3 days has not resolved sinus infection. It’s bacterial, right? Last night I also ate 2 blurbs of chopped garlic in honey.
These are the kinds of situations I think are actually important. How can you help a person, yourself, say, who has a sinus infection, with what they have at home?

How can people on low income get their mineral levels up to par?

Things like that.

Above all: How does “nutrition” affect the soul? Why did they find elevated manganese in the hair of 100% of serial killers tested?

Why did the rats Dr. Olson mentions in this video like each other again–enough to once again sleep in a single pile– when they got calcium?

7 thoughts on “What Ailments Can You Heal, Both Physical and Emotional, With a Teaspoon Of Clay A Day?”

  1. Hi Celia,

    You are burned out, like I was the last few years, (we all took a hammering) on top that I looked after my mom till she died. I didn’t just loose my mom, but also the person I shared house and work. Any case, I can help you to get your health back, but also your joy in life … till a few months ago I couldn’t care if I was here or not … just going through the motions.
    You can contact me directly at so I can advice you personally and give you tips on what to do for the emotional and mental levels. It can be done. My head is clear again, and my body is getting healthier by the day.
    In case you never watched my documentary Power to the People by Tine van der Maas on YouTube. you will see what is possible. The documentary was in 2004, so in the years following I have basically found a solution for most diseases.

  2. Yes I too enjoy your enlightened rantings. Sounds like your onto something good. I am too recovering from being very sick I used natural food to regain my strength. I am now focusing on getting my body back to digesting instead of just burning sugar for energy. Ayurvedic provides some great insight. I have tried many things all of which are successful but I am now trying to rid myself of the lingering toxins and I am using bentonite clay twice a day as the label suggests. I also take at least a clay bath twice a week. I too write about my experiences in my own blog all I can say is welcome to the club. You will learn nothing about digestion, the lymphatic system, detoxing or the wealth from the earth from modern medicine they can’t make any money with it therefore it doesn’t exist.
    Good Luck

  3. Dear Celia,

    You helped me so much with your articles in the 90’s. I can’t believe what they’ve done to you. You have such a huge talent. I hope that 2018 brings major relief from past traumas. It takes too much time to realize that we live in an evil world and that it’s all about spiritual warfare. May God be with you!

  4. On the same page right now. I tell everyone about the miracles of activated charcoal. Two amazing new discoveries (for me) are ancient Ayurvedic cures: Shilajit, a mineral rich substance from high in the Himalayas and an herbal jam called Chyawanprash. The company I procure from lab tests their products in the USA.

  5. No expert here, but I use pascalite occasionally, and should take it once or twice a week. Will let you know the results in a few weeks.

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