46 thoughts on “Speculation That Elite Mass Arrests May Be Underway: Details, Anomalies, Broken Patterns”

  1. There is indeed something weird with all of the boots, and McCains boot having changed sides is obviously extremely curious.

    The stepping down of a number of CEO’s (Eric Schmit?, that came out of left field) is also very curious, when complemented by the fact that a number of twitter accounts have gone silent. Combine that with Trumps executive order and I think the kid may be onto something. It would be nice if he were correct, that’s for sure. Toss Eric Holder in there too. He deserves jail time.

    Umm, as for the rest of it, at this point it’s just boiler plate pizza gate stuff, which as I’ve said before; either you can see it or you can’t. For those of us who would watch the following video and see nothing, that’s ok. For those of us who can, I think we’ll see progress. Trump’s doing a great job, I’m very glad that I voted for him and should he run, chances are I’ll do it again.


    1. Wouldn’t ignoring fact and Truth while voicing support and approval of a lying narcissist who admits to committing sexual assault and declares the luciferian evil of nazis marching in the street with burning torches to be “very fine people” suggest that your blind loyalty has turned you into a tool of satan?

        1. What really ticked me off is that chris p bacon stole fukawee from Kurt Vonnegut without crediting him.
          It was one of Kurt’s favorite jokes.

        1. Mairo
          Is there hope that your documentary will detail how the unfounded rumor and wild speculation of conspiracy theorists that is so often fueled by religious fervor and zealotry actually distracts from, diminishes and basically helps to destroy recognition of the irrefutable findings, fact and science of true researchers who could save countless lives with their work demonstrating true science proving things like thirty year failure of the widely accepted theory that HIV causes sexually transmitted, epidemic immune failure?

          Is there hope?

          1. well. i am not a scientist . i did lose about a half dozen friends to hiv/aids . i don’t have an answer but , i still miss them. it is my personal belief that great in roads have been made to understanding and working towards a cure. i saw a close friend just a few nights ago who has lived with hiv for 30 years , his treatment works. i know that does not answer your question. i sensed from the “tone” an answer was not what you really wanted.

            1. Thank you Mairo for your civil response relating personal experience and loss. Not sure what “tone” you found in my reply other than exasperation at having lost countless friends and heroes-loved ones all- in the past thirty years of failed HIV theory. The one thing they all have in common is that they all knew their viral status and followed prescribed treatment. Meanwhile every threat, prediction, expectation and promise made with and since 1984 proposal of the unproven theory has failed to reach fulfillment.
              I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe any government or medical agency or organization is capable of such a global fiasco fueled by fear. It has become increasingly evident to me through thirty years of research study that toxic treatments fighting a phantom threat are what is killing people, not a retrovirus that is never found in amounts sufficient to cause disease.
              While it is good to hear of your friend who despite being HIV positive thirty years is still alive thanks to his working treatments I am curious as to the treatment. Though some tolerate the toxicity better than others it is inevitabky fatal. Thirty years ago the only treatment available was AZT and I have not met anyone who began AZT thirty years ago who is still alive today.
              It seems clear to me that years of experimentation on frightened individuals desperate for cure or healing treatment has taught how to balance the toxicity of drug treatment while blaming HIV for the horrifying side effects and eventual death.
              Best wishes to your friend but what proof have either of you ever seen for HIV causing immune failure or t-cell death?
              What proof have you seen that HIV causes AIDS?

            2. you say “The one thing they all have in common is that they all knew their viral status and followed prescribed treatment. ” not true at all , some went a more homeopathic rout others traditional , one did nothing. the one common factor was they had hiv/aids and died from it. i feel to say hiv/aid does not exist is like saying gravity does not exist. but look its a free world believe what you want.

            3. “Not true at all” you claim
              Every friend and hero I have known and loved who has died of “AIDS” has followed prescribed treatment. You have no right to question or challenge my personal experience. Yours may be different but DO NOT try to claim I am making untrue statement regarding my personal experience and studied knowledge researched for thirty years.

              ” i feel to say hiv/aid does not exist is like saying gravity does not exist. but look its a free world believe what you want.”
              Proof of gravity is anywhere and everywhere you look.
              I do not claim that immune failure disease does not exist. I do challenge your assertion that it is caused by HIV. Proof of gravity is evident all around us. Immune failure can be “acquired” in many ways.


              Since you are so sure of yourself would you please provide the proof that allows you to believe in HIV as cause of sexually transmitted epidemic immune failure?
              No. You can not because it doesn’t exist.


              If you have any integrity you will only reply with science and fact not mockery.
              When, where, how and by who was it officially demonstrated and declared proven that a virus named HIV has been isolated and demonstrated to cause immune failure disease?

              What treatment did your friend who is such a long term survivor at thirty years HIV positive begin when diagnosed thirty years ago? When doctors encouraged me to begin AZT thirty years ago in 1987 it was the only promising treatment available. A few years later it would be proven to hasten death not prolong life.

            4. Though I am for some reason unable to reply to the comment, you have NO right to question or challenge my experience of every friend, hero and loved one i have known to die of “AIDS” has followed prescribed treatment. That is fact.

              Proof of gravity is everywhere you look.
              I do not deny that immune failure exists. I challenge your assertion that it is caused by HIV. Where is your proof.

              If you reply with mocking derision and not science and fact you reveal your ignorance and lack of integrity.

            5. Brother Strawberry, I don’t know why your comments were held for approval. “Comments” has bugs. Anyway, I approved them! Sorry about that.

            6. Believe what you like . its a free world . i had this “prove it” conversation with a Holocaust denier , he said prove it , i posted a picture of thousands of murdered jewish . he said “This means NOTHING” . my take away is no matter what proof you will simply dismiss . i’ve read Dusenberg , i think he is a quack. But you see thats the beauty of our great world “Freedom to decide on your own!!”

  2. I am curious as to why my repeated attempt to provide link of report demonstrating how immigration/deportation policies of the current administration benefit and increase human trafficking.

    Isn’t censorship unamerican?

    1. I doubt anyone censored you, but rounding them up and throwing them in jail in record numbers hardly seems like the recipe for increasing their operations.

        1. This always happens. The people who couldn’t get jack done lose the election, and then EVERYTHING that goes well during the next admin they take credit for. Please. The economy has NOTHING to do with Trump, the arrests of human trafficking etc…it’s all Obama. He just couldn’t get it done till Trump was in office.

          Good one.

          1. Could you try to reply with fact or truth that refutes the article instead of the blindly loyal “we love you Big Brother” chant?

  3. I don’t know who this guy is. Never seen or heard anything about him. But, the first thing I couldn’t avoid noticing is that the poor bloke ought to get himself to a doctor, fast! That festering nob on the top of his noggin looks like it’s someday soon gonna erupt! …and, if it does, that’ll be the end of his imagined fantasizings about Super Don up in the sky, swooping down to scoop poops and plop them into hot Guantanamo cots to rot.

    Seriously though, the poor guy mouths some quite delusionary musings, repeatedly stating that “Trump arrested them”, and describing the reality of presently-prevailing rules of social, judicial, governmental and economic order thusly: “Basically, we’re in Martial Law right now.”

    Trump arrested them? Uh, um, I hate to break the news to you, little nob-noggined brother, but Trump can’t arrest anybody; not even if he were the high-flying, cape-sporting, phone boothed-transforming Super Don who’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap over tall buildings with a single bound after toilet-purging his preceding double cheeseburger, double fries, bucket of KFC, extra-large diet Coke, and multiple candy bar desserts.

    Do I recall correctly? Isn’t this Donald Trump chap the elite bloke who buddied around with some elite creep-extreme named Epstein or some such thing? And didn’t this Trump donna-prima have his elite hands in the Epstein human-trafficking/pedophilia bowl of jelly beans, before campaigning to be elected America’s Chief Beauty Queen?

    1. Well worded witticisms and Truth Brother Powell!

      Did You laugh as hard as i did when he said “We’re basically in martial law right now, in a good way.”?
      Under martial law in a good way??!!!!

      Interesting, telling and sadly pathetic that the entire video spoke nothing but “rumor” and speculation but was totally void of Truth or fact.

      Hope this Truth posts this time. It was stopped apparently by a software barrier my first few attempts to post.

      1. Muchas gracias for the compliment, Brother Strawberry!

        Did I laugh as hard as you did? No. I grieved, mourning the tragedy of such fanatically-foolish fantasizing being so ascendent in the hoards of morally-inverted heads whose eyes can’t see that their up is really down, and that their imagined Superman’s soaring triumphs are really submersions deep into lightless tunnels which are entrances to Armageddonistic molten ground.

        That article you shared was superb! I’ve read others which explain the same truths regarding the enhancement/furtherance of human traffickers’ success by mindless/heartless anti-immigration and anti-refugee policies. That article you shared was one of the best I’ve seen yet. Thank you!

        1. Brother Powell
          Wise words well writ.
          As one would only expect from your high quality of character.
          Please know my reference to laughter was not intended to suggest lighthearted amusement with or even at the nob-noggined bloke.

          My response of breathless guffaw was indeed nothing less than desperate release of exasperated grieving while witnessing the walk of true research journalism to its execution.

    2. “Do I recall correctly? Isn’t this Donald Trump chap the elite bloke who buddied around with some elite creep-extreme named Epstein or some such thing?”

      I’m sorry, you must be thinking of Bill Clinton. Donald went there, and I’m sure he was their for business, but he was probably creeped out by what he saw and then decided to do something about it. Hence the arrests and what not. Not the arrests that this guy above is talking about…these…


      1. Mr. Ericson, I do not believe that you are unaware of Donald Trump’s longstanding connections to, and involvements with, Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual crimes.

        Your attempt at dismissing my reference to those connections and involvements, by presenting a shifty statement of distraction (“I’m sorry, you must be thinking of Bill Clinton”) is transparently disingenuous.

        I don’t believe you are uninformed about Donald Trump’s record, regarding the victims of, and witnesses to, his sexual predations committed in collaboration with Jeffrey Epstein.

        I believe you are practicing willful denial of those predations, in favor of spotlighting ONLY Bill Clinton’s predations committed in collaboration with Jeffrey Epstein.

        Of course, such partisan denial is practiced routinely by both Republicans and Democrats.

        I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I have absolutely no objection to convicting or accusing ANYONE in ANY political party. The evidence and the law are ALL that matter to me.

        1994. At Epstein’s home in Palm Beach. Trump and Epstein raped a trafficked 13-year-old girl (witness described it as a “savage sexual attack”), and threatened lethal reprisals if she told anyone.

        At another of Epstein’s house parties in Palm Beach, Trump’s and Epstein’s underaged (15-year-old) victim had been recruited as an unsuspecting “masseuse trainee” (recruited by one of Epstein’s “talent scouting” pimps) while she was working as a towel girl at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.

        2002. Trump publicly acknowledges: “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. He likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

        Why are Trump-lovers so enthusiastically and militantly motivated to pursue Democrats whom you’ve convicted or accused of pedophilia; while you consciously choose to reject, evade, suppress, conceal and bury any and all motivation to pursue Republicans (such as Donald Trump) about whom there is credible evidence for convicting or accusing them of being either pedophiles or participants in sexual trafficking, sexual molestation, and sexual abuse of trafficked captives? Why?


        Why are so many self-professed “Republican family values” Americans burying their consciences deep in backyard holes, to unconscionably celebrate a pathologically-licentious man who is so obviously NOT President material: A so-obviously depraved man who so-licentiously, so-degenerately, and in such a self-admitted predatory manner, ROUTINELY imposed himself on underaged young nude girls, in their dressing rooms, while they were preparing for pageant presentations?


        Why celebrate such a man? Why celebrate such an obviously perverse, degenerate, predatory man?

        Listen to the recording of his degenerate boasting about routinely taking advantage of the captive condition which those young girls were in.

        He boasted about the fact that he could routinely “get away with” entering their dressing rooms using the false assertion that he was “inspecting” each pageant’s operations.

        He routinely stalked them into their dressing rooms. He forced himself on those CHILDREN.

        He FORCED himself on them!

        He boasted that that was what he was doing. He admitted it. He admitted the perversity of it.

        He wore that perversity as a badge of accomplishment. He boasted about it with an air of valor, openly and proudly pumped-up by his confidence in the fact that his status had succeeded at giving him immunity from condemnation and prosecution for his violation of those young girls.

        He admitted the perversity of it, with amused satanic delight; with stimulated satisfaction in his knowing that he had violated them.

        Imagine, Mr. Ericson, that a 46-year-old man walks up to you and your 10-year-old daughter, inside a shopping mall. He looks up and down at your 10-year old daughter’s body, and then he looks you in the eyes and says to you: “I’m going to be dating her in ten years.” Tell me, Mr. Ericson, what’s on that man’s mind as he looks desirously at your 10-year-old daughter?

        Does a licentious 46-year-old man, who gets erotically excited at the sensuality of a 10-year-old girl, qualify as a pedophile?

        That man’s name is Donald Trump. The location of that encounter with a 10-year-old girl was Trump Tower. The month was December, and the year was 1992. It was all recorded on video by People Magazine.

        Why, Mr. Ericson? Why celebrate that man?

        Why bend over backwards to deny, evade, conceal, and bury the truth about WHAT he is?

        What is the spiritual nature of the spell that he has cast on those who do so?

        Is the price he has paid for your soul worth the sacrifice of your conscience?

        I would not care if he could convincingly present himself as God Almighty, and could convincingly promise me paradise. NO convincing promissory price could be enough to purchase my sacrifice of my conscience. Ever.



        1. A brilliant expression of justifiable wonder and rage Brother Powell.
          Only a tool of satan would celebrate such evil.
          Just sayin…

        2. very well written . the problem i see here is the blinders worn by Mr. Ericson and Ms Farber prevent them from basking in the warm glow of fact and truth. instead to play childish games like “#pizzagate” . child welfare is not an actual issue to them , they could care less if Trump called his daughter a ” a hot piece of ass” when she was still a minor (Howard stern show) or that Roy Moore was such a predator that he was banned from the local mall and middle school sport events. you will not see these events covered here , that is for sure.. they so badly desire that Hillery or podesta are some how involved in a child sex ring cult. actual child welfare mean nothing. i find it shocking and sad.

          1. Mairo, I must correct a misunderstanding which you seem to have somehow created in yout mind, about me.

            I do not associate myself with your narrative: A narrative in which the conclusive presumption of Mr. Ericson’s and Ms. Farber’s total numbness to the issue of child welfare is presented by you as factual.

            We have all been guilty of having our vision clouded and blinded by the thick fog of partisan bias.

            We have all been guilty of willfully averting our eyes from, and willfully turning our back on legitimately credible reports of wrongdoing by those who represent “our side” in one controversial issue or another, one culture clash or another, one matter of criminality or another.

            The welfare of children is one of those sometimes controversial, sometimes clashing, sometimes criminalizing topics of partisan dispute and partisan mud-slinging.

            However, without any hesitation or doubt, I must acknowledge and affirm that it is utter falsehood to say “child welfare means nothing” to Mr. Ericson and Ms. Farber.

            It is irresponsible, shameful, unreasonable, unfair, and absolutely unjustifiable, to say that “child welfare is not an actual issue to them.”

            Questioning the wisdom, the healthiness, the maturity and the dignity of one’s own, or someone else’s partisan blindness, is sometimes necessary, and doing so is usually quite productive, quite fruitful.

            Throwing stones of condemnatory falsehood is ALWAYS destructive and fruitless.

            I encourage you, Mairo, to reconsider the false condemnation which you threw at Mr. Ericson and Ms. Farber in your comment directly above.

            I encourage you to retract that falsehood, because it was unwise, unhealthy, immature, and undignified.

            That’s a good start.

            With that start, you can then proceed to composing conversation which may produce some good fruit.

            Without that start, the only fruit produced by your extreme falsehood about Mr. Ericson and Ms. Farber will be the destruction of your own possible contribution to a better awareness and agreement among us all.

            Child welfare CERTAINLY IS an issue to Mr. Ericson and Ms. Farber, and to you.

            Throwing stones of extreme partisan falsehood (extremely unwise, unhealthy, and undignified false accusations, false presumptions, and false conclusions) ought to be an issue also, to us all.

            We all still need to work on the partisan fogs and blinders which cause us to create false narratives about each other, and about each other’s side, and about our own side.

            Saying that “actual child welfare means nothing” to Mr. Ericson and Ms. Farber can be truthful ONLY TO someone who didn’t remoive his own partisan blinders before he said it.

            I encourage you to remoive those blinders, and admit to your flawed action.

            Self correction is the magical door to the success of civility, cooperation, common decency, and democracy itself.

            We can all ALWAYS be doing much better than we did yesterday.

            That always starts right now, for all of us.

            Begin, Mairo.

            Simply begin.

            1. i began , i researched , facebook , twitter , reddit , alex jones , storm-trooper…..you get the point. i could find nothing to confirm your statements . i found out a lot about pizzagate . but as a close friend always says ” not my monkey , not my circus ” .

          2. Mario, what evidence can you present that I (or Mr. Ericson) “could care less” about Trump or Moore’s behavior toward minors?

            1. well , sorry i’ve not the time to be gas-lighted . youve written thousands of words about pizzagate ,podesta, hillery, comet pizza…on and on. all empty , nothing to support . even this posting from your blog , more nothing , no arrests no hillery in hand cuffs. no obama in custody. all while ignoring actual events . if you cared about Trump or Moore’s behavior toward minors? perhaps you would write about it.

          1. Obama would have MADE SURE that something fd it up. Where as Trump let law enforcement do its job, something that Eric Holder and Obma were dead set against.

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