DC Metropolitan Police Dept. Sudden Reversal: “…No Investigation Involving Comet Ping Pong” (And No Explanation)



Citizen journalists persist.

[link above, to exchange between Titis Frost and DC Metropolitan Police]

Also, here below is a link to the images that started the quest for truth.

Who do you think the babies and children belong to?

What feeling do you get when you look at those images and read the hashtags and comments?

The feeling I get is the need to pray to Jesus Christ, and that’s what I do.

That’s the war, the only war: The Christ and The Anti-Christ.

The Christ is an idea (of good.) The Anti-Christ is a conviction, of domination, degradation, and evil.

Evil people believe they have the right to feast upon the innocent. USE everything.

Usury. [Source code of destruction.]

Leave everybody alone.


[Trigger warning]

If you wish, and feel prepared–look at them again. I am struck cold, dumfounded, when I review these images. Even my mind, to the last moment, struggles to find the outlet–why and how this is not evidence of Hell.

Understatement: I have been unable to work out how this could be “ok.” Babies and children, in the normal world, (if it exists anymore) are rarely photographed without their parents or family. Think about it.

Babies are rarely held by anybody outside of immediate family. I suddenly had a flashback. “That man in Riverside Park who wanted to take pictures of us, and Mom was so upset and we didn’t understand quite why she was so upset…”

I can see his face in front of me. Heavyset, dark, frightening eyes. A yellow checkered shirt, pulled right (this part, not sure it is a real memory.) But Mom took a picture of him.

Was that what happened? There was always so much going on that Mom was upset about that I did not understand at the time. Mom was always talking about things I was too young to understand, but I understood that my mother was deeply alarmed.

I am not sure I can even handle reporting on this. It fragments the psyche. It’s trauma.

If Kevin Spacey is being cut out of movies, why is Comet Pong Pong cleared of wrong doing?


Stephen Ericson wrote me, in an email:

“who is Werkinonmanightcheese?

who is mens_society who gives it the 666 sign?

Why is werkinonmanightcheese making baby sized coffins…’coffee tables’…who would want one?”


The image of the coffin. It’s frightening geometry. What does it all mean? What is the adoration of “death?” Their secret lover? What?



3 thoughts on “DC Metropolitan Police Dept. Sudden Reversal: “…No Investigation Involving Comet Ping Pong” (And No Explanation)”

  1. A few years back, there was a graffiti tagger in the Jersey City area who used to just tag the word Pizza on the walls around town, the way he wrote it made is look like a slice of Pizza…it was graffiti. I thought it was funny because I didn’t know there was a sinister alternative meaning, so I took a picture and posted it on facebook. Was that stupid? There was also a pizza shaped raft that I photographed and posted, I just thought that there was this sudden enthusiasm for pizza, which I thought was funny. That was 2014 and I had no idea about any dual meanings. I went back and deleted them, but I think sometimes; what if I was sending out the wrong message to people about my life?

    When I look at what they’re doing, the overall impression of the entire thing is sinister. If I’m in the wrong for supporting this, if I’m actually part of a mob of people who are truly hurting innocent people, the Podesta’s and Alefantis, that being, then may I be forgiven for seeing what I feel I’ve seen. If that makes me guilty, then I’m guilty. I can’t simply wish that away.

    Because I feel the way I feel. I see something in these photos, something evil.

    I’ll continue to follow the story. I’ll continue to be emotionally involved. I don’t think this is the end of the road, but if it is it is.

    “Do they still have Seth Rich’s laptop?”

    I haven’t heard otherwise Sal.

  2. Looks like democrats still OWN the DC Police as was implied when Wasserman-Schultz warned chief that there “would be consequences.”
    Do they still have Seth Rich’s laptop?

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