Targeted Individuals, A Whistleblower Reveals All: The Struggle To Remain Human Is The Only Struggle, And It Must Be Won


“The program is going to be rolled out nationwide, and it will become the norm. Every man, woman and child in America will be under the influence of this technology…Hive mind, voice install, emotion manipulation, behavior modification. This is horrible stuff that’s being done to people. It’s specifically to make sure that people will pull the trigger when they need to and stuff like human decency and love and compassion and empathy and sympathy and caring for a fellow human being does not enter into the decision making process.”

“…specifically to take away their conscience…The most horrific technology ever conceived of by the mind of man.

“They were going to torture me, they were going to destroy all my relationships with friends and family. I was never going to be able to make a living again.”

“It came down to the victims. It came down to the targeted individuals all over the country who were crying out for help, curled up in a ball in a corner in their bedroom, in horrible physical pain and horrible emotional pain. Nobody will help them, everybody calls them crazy, there’s something wrong with them, friends and family have abandoned

them, their relationships with their significant others are ruined.

Some of the most brilliant men and women I have ever known in my life, as I got to know them, are now homeless, and they have no way to get out because the DESC is specifically making sure, going out of their way to make sure they can’t get jobs and they can’t find homes.”

“Up to 70-75% of targeted individuals are in fact women.”


8 thoughts on “Targeted Individuals, A Whistleblower Reveals All: The Struggle To Remain Human Is The Only Struggle, And It Must Be Won”

  1. I’m targeted individual in Madison, Wisc:
    Rose Gapinski (608-572-5842)
    130 Sunny Meade Lane
    Madison, Wisconsin 53713

    Obscenely Sick of It,

    Thank u

    1. Ms. Gordon, it is important to clarify what I meant by “in the know”.

      I did not mean “aquainted with” targeted persons.

      Sad to say, I was much more than aquainted.

      I meant being VERY REGRETABLY present, for long periods of time, inside of numerous psychotronic gang-stalking operations. I meant being VERY REGRETABLY closely associated with the criminals perpetrating the crimes, although I did not directly participate with the crimes.

      This statement communicates what is an important distinction, because the knowledge obtained from being inside of a psychotronic criminal network is much different than the knowledge obtained from being only aquainted with the targeted person(s).

  2. Celia,

    I watched the whole video. Nothing new, to me. I’ve been “in the know”, since the 1970’s, regarding the technology discussed in the video, and regarding the TRUE motive of those who are criminally pepetrating the use of that technology.

    The gentleman who is the featured speaker in the video made some faulty assumptions about the perpetrators’ motive.

    If you are being targeted, it is important that you know what those faulty assumptions are. Knowing what the TRUE motive is will help you acquire the ability to wage a more effective war against the crime being committed inside of you.

    This comment section is not the place for conducting any further dialogue about this topic, in my opinion. I will leave that decision up to you.

    I’m going to write you an email containing some of the specific details of the psychotronic “gang stalking” crime, its perpetrators, and its true motive.

    I will not send that email to you until I receive your message of permission to send it.

    If you’d rather not receive that email, then please say so.

    1. Is it possible, John, that there might be multiple motives/purposes for this kind of psychotronic invasion of people? Most of the things these “controllers” do serve multiple purposes it seems. There often are layers of purpose and perhaps you know of the deeper intent. We all need to share our knowledge of these things, if ever, and whenever possible. Thanks for widening the area of discussion.

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