Comet Ping Pong Officially Under Investigation


“Pizza gate is officially under investigation by the DC police because Comet Ping Pong was stupid enough to put child porn and sell it on their own server.

–Titus Frost

Amazing clip. One of my favorite YouTube broadcasts ever.

His words are direct, and his passion is real and believable. I love his anger, also. It’s “appropriate,” to use a pod word.

He’s  doing the job 2,000 others refuse to do, including in “alternative” media. Bravo Titus Frost!

I’ve been asking my Shungite stones to clear out apologists for pedophilia from the energetic soul of this website.

With this, so be it.

The argument has been resolved–in favor of those who said Pizzagate was real.

9 thoughts on “Comet Ping Pong Officially Under Investigation”

  1. “The argument has been resolved–in favor of those who said Pizzagate was real.” But why do you say this? Its not real. Its not. you can’t just pretend its real because you want it to be real. Roy Moore is real. Jeffrey Epstein is real. why do you ignore this. i truly care to know. i am new here and will be respectful . but be honest

  2. I’m not going to say that I knew it, but looking at all that was gathered, I sensed it was something. It wasn’t just garbage. I hope this continues.

    1. Please let me ask, Why are you so hung up on a made up story when you’ve a real story with roy moore ? it seems you only care if you can blame a clinton.

      1. What Moore is being accused of pales in comparison though, and as far as I know he’s denied it. Sex scandals are a big part of politics, and have been for some time, and as of right now it’s their word vs. his. Politics is dirty, if he’s guilty, may he go down. Control of the Senate by the GOP, a party of bullshitters that I haven’t much to do with be dammed.

        But just so you know, one of the points that I’ve made all along is that the Podesta’s seem guilty for a number of reasons, as do the Clinton’s. The later for their involvement with Haiti and Tony Weiner, the former for a number of strange things, which includes their long standing friendship with Dennis Hastert. So, it’s not a partisan thing, and there’s some substance to it, I think.

        1. this makes no sense , how can something that has not happened “pale in comparison” to something that has happened. without sounding insulting it seems your anger runs along party lines and not any caring for child welfare.

  3. I knew this would come out! God’s wrath is coming. Wikileaks has been vindicated! I hope they all fall now like dominoes in their sick demented satanic world.

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