Snail Week At The Truth Barrier: A Poem


Snails = teachers of ballet, and silent buddhas of professorial, contented devotion to self-exile from life’s jungles of adversarial competition.

Snails = celebrity worthy of celebrity. stardom worthy of stardom. prestige worthy of prestige.

Queens and kings of peace…

beings in a world not worthy of them.


–John Powell

5 thoughts on “Snail Week At The Truth Barrier: A Poem”

  1. Fondly recalling hours-literally hours spent sitting meditatively protectively watching one snail or another slowly glide its way across river trails walked daily to assure their safe passage not be transgressed by other walkers, runners, bicycle tires or dogs, I Hope to believe might have earned their approval at sharing this world.

    1. Thank you John and Brother Strawberry for acknowledging Snail Week at TTB and honoring us with these great snail prayers. If you want to write even more about snails, I do find it reassuring in these nerves-on-edge times. More snails!

      I shot video of snails and took many photos, while on the island I don’t even wish to name anymore.
      In sweden. It was so painful an experience –but the snails were fantastic. And I will over time locate all the footage, photos, and memories, and post here. Snail week happens more than once a year. 🙂 Also, transtromer of course has great snail poems..will find.

      1. When the occasional walker – and it is only walkers, never someone on a bike or running blinded by the noise in their headphones- stops beside my meditatively seated self either out of concern for my well-being or simply curiosity at my attentive gaze, after a quick lick of my cheek or my nose or a light nudge of my chin with their nose, the curiously concerned look to their companion animal at the other end of the leash or who if well behaved is allowed to carry the restraint that keeps them from wandering to hear the human ask why I don’t simply move the snail to the other side of the trail.
        “Wouldn’t that be presumptuous of me?” my reply hopes to inspire consideration. “I don’t know where they are going. It could take forever, literally forever in the life of a snail for them to find their way if I interfere and just move them somewhere. Better to be a watchful protector where I can.”

        The dogs just roll their eyes and laugh.

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