Activating Our Dormant Minds By Way Of Questions: New Q, New Tracy Beanz


NEW VIDEO by Tracy Beanz, interpreting “Q.”

As my only commentary, I will say that your pilot over here is on the map, (as opposed to not) I know true north–many of the salient points light up in my mind as “yes, right. Yes right. Exactly.” Sometimes: “I’ve been saying that and people said I was crazy…” “Oh yes, there’s that piece…I remember wondering about that…”

I’m re-posting this Saudi/Obama post here because it fits and prepares the mind for questions posed in this video. These are not manipulative, lesser magic questions like mass media likes to pose, but actual questions with precise answers that are democratic in nature. (The asking and the answering.)

Tell me what questions I am permitted to ask and I will tell you if this is Love or Psy-Op.

Quickly: Examples of “lesser magic” questions in mass media that drive me up the wall, they sound like this:

“Should Parents Let Children Choose Their Own Clothes Even Earlier?”

“Will Anti-Vaxxers Destroy Mankind?”

“Is Anal Sex Being Taught Right In Public Schools?”

“Will Trump Be Impeached Before Thanksgiving?”

“Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill?”

“Is Incest Always Bad?”


Crude imitations; I could do better, but…you get the idea. Mind-control mass media “questions” have been bothering me for a long time. Honest, real media should answer specific questions–not pose them as vague guilt trips. Our job should be, pose questions/answer question/look for source who knows/rinse, wash repeat.

Who was Deep Throat?

That kind of thing.

These questions “love” us, because they are designed not to wash your mind with alien concepts, but rather, to liberate you from darkness by the lighting up of the relevant and right questions.

A real question wakes you up. A false question pushes you down.

Hansel and Gretel: Didn’t they follow breadcrumbs to get away from the witch’s house? I’ll never forget the trauma of that fairytale. It should be told very starkly: “Children, watch out for people who are very very “nice” to you. Consult your inner voice. Are you seen as food? Are you free or are you held in by some force you can feel but is denied? Don’t be polite anymore when you see an oven! Trust your instincts. Avoid all forms of seduction. Trust very few. No, even fewer. If it felt weird, it was weird. Get out, fast.”

(If I were re-issuing that fairy tale, as a publisher, I would make this the foreword.)

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