6 thoughts on “A Book By Its Cover: “Hacks” By Donna Brazile”

  1. I’ll stand by my vote for Trump to the bitter end. I can see how people obviously think he’s in it for the war w/Iran.

    But there’s something different going on here.

    If Julian Assagne is CIA, and the CIA are opposed to Trump, then why did Assange have anything to do with…Seth Rich?

    It’s at this point that things just stop making sense.

    Perhaps ‘The Family’ had nothing to do with the CIA or with MkUltra, and they were just a bunch of abusive hippy shitheads? He could have just…pulled himself out of the experience. Or it could all be a lie…

    But…what we’re seeing…it that Donna feared for her life because Seth was murdered. She could just be covering her ass because she knows there’s a tectonic shift underway, as evidenced by the past weekends events in Saudi Arabia.

    She could have ordered the hit.

    I know …n o t h i n g. I choose to see the events in Saudi Arabia as Trump going after the guys who did 9-11 and human trafficking because right now, it works for me.

  2. I quite agree, re ‘guilt trip’. I was first guilt-tripped and then lost at least two long-standing friends, and I don’t even live in America 🙂
    This did not result, as far as I know, from my being ‘proTrump’. I still feel quite unsure in that regard. The complexities, even now, obscure my view, and it seems to me he has done some good things, and some very bad* things. His stand on Standing Rock appalled me, as did his action in Syria*. “Good” and “bad” becomes so blurry…? If he is genuinely ‘draining the swamp’, I take my hat off to him, for that, and he seems to be…Maybe you people who have won through to a trust in him see these actions* as ‘politic’? I would be very interested to hear what you think about this. You have much more sense of context than I do. But any warmongering is diabolical in these precarious times, in my book. We can’t afford that. It’s wrong.
    I was definitely not pro-Hilary, – clearly a war monger of extraordinary proportions- and I was open about that – that stance was enough to cause these dear souls to drop me. So I feel I have, through this experience, a whiff of the blind hypocrisy you speak of, at this site, regarding the reactions of dyed-in-the-wool ‘liberals’ or Democrats..and this experience has been very illuminating for me, at this great distance, in unravelling some of the habitual illusions…It helps me, too, to see the malaise prevalent here in Australia, more clearly, because there are parallels, here, regarding the mentality you have effectively diagnosed. Thank you.

    1. Berenice: One of the things, and it’s important, about Trump is that he is not owned by industry like every president we have had for decades. The only exception is the big money we owes the banks who have financed his business interests. I also think he is sincere. The Clintons are the most corrupt, amoral political couple I can remember in my lifetime. The purpose of her Secretary of State-ship was to rake in money for their foundation like she was in a casino, in exchange for favorable treatment by our rich and powerful government. Everyone knows Bill is just as slimy (before the scales fell from my eyes I actually voted for the SOB twice). We are hoping he will clean out the rot in the CDC. You folks down there have it worse, because 18th Century quackery is a national mandate, and your first couple are completely owned by pharma. I weep for the children of Australia.

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