The Long Overdue Takedown Of Monster Predator Sigmund Freud “…A Man Whose ‘Treatment’ You Wouldn’t Wish On Your Worst Enemy’ “


“Over 650 pages, he builds up a portrait of Freud as the most vile, medically useless, misogynistic, snobbish, petulant, jealous, crazy, sex-obsessed creep you could ever hope not to look up at from a couch — and a man whose ‘treatment’ you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.”

[Note, The Truth Barrier is on the record as detesting the predatory Freud and admiring his counterpoint, and intellectual superior: Alice Miller. May she rest in even more peace, now.]








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4 thoughts on “The Long Overdue Takedown Of Monster Predator Sigmund Freud “…A Man Whose ‘Treatment’ You Wouldn’t Wish On Your Worst Enemy’ “”

  1. Respect or none, Freud’s ideas were effective enough to be exploited by his nephew for mass manipulation and to create what is now known as the advertising industry. They made their way to Hollywood and the music industry, replete with mind control programming to bask us all in this hive mind collectivism which we are only now breaking free from.

    Here’s an excellent documentary about Bernays and his massive influence on our culture..

    The Century of the Self (Full Documentary)

  2. As a trauma therapist, I’m glad to see Freud being exposed.

    Looking at the article, it seems he was even more a vicious creep than I ever suspected.

    He was indeed a fake and a fraud, and seems to have been promoted heavily by the elites of the day – through their university systems and elite intellectuals – which I believe diverted humanity from attaining true self-awareness through effective therapy – delaying this natural process many decades.

    Sigmund Freud asserted that it was all about incestuous impulses – the monster within – but it looks like that was all a projection of his own tortured inner universe, brought about by his own continued misbehavior, which ended up in cocaine addiction and sexual depravity.

    His work was used by many in an attempt to annihilate Christianity and Christian morality.

    He broke with his brilliant and far more ethical counterpart, Carl Jung, out of petty jealousy. Freud’s arrogant attitude was too fixed to tolerate Jung’s brilliant innovations in the emerging field of psychotherapy. Jung continued in a sane direction while Freud went more and more insane.

    Freud’s initial successes were actually a result of successful trauma therapy developed by his mentor, Josef Breuer. Freud however, was not content with guiding a person through relating their traumas in the pattern Breuer had discovered, but insisted on intruding mid-session into his patients’ psyches – imposing his own pet theories with cold analysis intended to force his patients to admit to connections between their trauma-based neuroses and primal sexual impulses.

    In other words, Freud was “projecting” his own traumas right into his patients – making them worse.

    Sigmund Freud ruined utterly, the first effective trauma therapy discovered by Josef Breuer. It took decades for the original principles discovered by Breuer to be eventually reconstructed for simple use by therapists and laymen (now known as TIR – Traumatic Incident Reduction).

    It is nice to see the shattering of yet another toxic illusion forced on the human race.

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