Twitter Rumor Spreads That John Podesta Is Missing, Tony Podesta In Custody


First: Interesting video I reviewed, from 3 days ago. Second, update from yesterday. All help is needed from all people with an Internet connection to discern what might be “truth” at this moment. This video is mostly questions, but they amount to a perspective that I had not heard before. am reporting this AS a Twitter rumor, from yesterday. Not confirmed.


11 thoughts on “Twitter Rumor Spreads That John Podesta Is Missing, Tony Podesta In Custody”

  1. Get a load of this report by David Zublick (also relaying info from Liz Crokin) about Spacey and Hillary! Both of these reporters always have breaking info on what’s happening with the pedophelia scandal.

    Bombshell: Hillary Clinton ‘Pedophile Sex Tape’ About To Be Released

    Ingteresting note:
    As I am typing a certain word on my iPad, Apple does not ever suggest a way to complete it, even when I type all letters except the last one.

    The word is: Pedopheli

  2. You trump chumps will literally fall for anything.
    Ceila , i will make you a $1000 dollar bet
    If this is true i will hand you $1000
    If it is NOT true you will hand me $1000 dollars

    Its time to put your money where your mouth is.

    1. You troll you.

      This has zero to do with Trump and you know it.

      These are potential criminal indictments and we are looking for confirmation, not political persecution.

      It needs to be debunked or clarified, not politicized.

          1. C’mon bet is on!! If one podesta is missing and one is arrested you win.
            If its pizza gate 2.0 i win.
            Clock starts now. Pinnky shake

            1. True about his indictments , but for his connection to the trump campaign, not pedophilia. That trump dude is rotten to the core

            2. Anyone who will defend vaccine-damaged autistic children still has a core.

              Pedophilia indictments will come in time. Someday they’ll get around to trolls for their kiddy-porn. I’ve seen it before.

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