Strange Events At The Truth Barrier


I was composing a post about “Your News Wire” having posted an article claiming it knew about the contents of the sealed indictments that are being posted on Twitter. I suddenly (as I was composing it) got an email saying I had published it. I was not aware of having published it–this usually requires a few steps which I don’t recall taking.

Now I have pulled it, to try to figure out how that happened. Meanwhile,  I put out questions to two people, including James Brower, on Twitter, asking if they could confirm or deny it. Awaiting replies.

If there is a “bot” that is running the control panels here, I have every plan to fight back and give them a hard time.

For now, everybody can go read it for themselves.

Are you noticing that your phone is blinking? That your screen is jumping around? It’s always possible that we are “imagining” these things. One likes to think nobody would bother with a website this small.

Who knows?


7 thoughts on “Strange Events At The Truth Barrier”

  1. Feel less alone! “I have a family.” Here, I mean. Families are also people who “see” together and confess together what happened that might ‘sound crazy.’

      1. I agree with this assessment:

        Doug says:
        November 6, 2017 at 1:00 pm
        As much as I would like to see this happen, I have to call BS on this story, because of the referral to a “pay for play” site, to get the information. You have to ask yourself, “Would Tony Podesta turn himself in,” and then ask, “Do you really think that there would be a wholesale media blackout of this event?” SOMEBODY has to know something! I don’t care about ABC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC, or the rest of the MSM. Let’s see an accurate story, with incontrovertible FACT.

  2. I’ve seen it happen and it’s happened to me, so don’t be gaslighted.

    “Low-intensity conflict” the CIA used to call it – and now, yes – it’s automated and automated “bots” are deployed.

    You are taking it well. A friend of mine broke down and cried when she couldn’t get a distance interview going with me because of such interference. It was the first time she’d seen it with her own eyes and it was a terrifying experience.

    Computer power-downs. Software stripping (a cellphone goes down program-by-program while you’re watching it with your own eyes), false googlemap inserts (so you drive to the wrong place). Facebook and youtube “glitches.” These are a few forms that this has taken. I’ve been spared the worst.

    Ultimately it is highly illegal harassment, and I sincerely hope that perpetrators get caught.

    It’s still not fun, either, though I am told other whistleblowers have had to “get used to it.”

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