15 thoughts on “So What Happened Yesterday?”

  1. Well, they who were sincere, tried their best and they have my respect. I know what a lonely protest feels like, and most of those people have a natural commitment to non-violence.

    The good news is that the paid thugs were called off – they did not show up. It looks like there may have been a last-minute change in strategy.

    This is a huge relief after one of the greatest waves of chaos – political, staged “events” and “natural” (sarcasm) weather events – that we’ve experienced as a nation in a while.

    It looks to me like a long-running plan went awry – people did not react as expected – and the social engineers who paid $100,000+ for an illegal ad in the New York Times (another failed test of constitutional law enforcement) are forced to re-think their options.

    These globalists really are not as “in control” as we sometimes give them credit for.

    1. Who said anything about violence? I mean, apart from Breitbart and Alex Jones? Did the far right attempt to paint a perhaps lame attempt at nationwide peaceful protest as a violent revolution?

      1. Past actions of “Antifa” have been violent. Terribly violent. Innocent bystanders have been beaten up without police intervention.

        I will grant that violence was not openly advocated, but the past actions of Antifa have sent a very clear message, and thus has brought about genuine concerns.

        1. “Terribly violent”? What about all those right wing white men with guns. They don’t beat people up, they kill them. Or were those all false flags?

          I don’t think that Antifa violence is a wise strategy, although faced with men marching with guns through your town, what would you do?

          1. I have zero problem with using appropriate force in self-defense.

            I don’t think you and I are in disagreement.

            It is just that Antifa has pretended that their violence was justified in cases that it was not. I don’t actually have a problem with their organization based on the right to self-defense.

            I point to the original Black Panther party as a good example of men organized to protect their communities from white supremacist and/or state-sponsored violence or terror. I definitely applaud that and it was quite fitting for their time.

            I would agree wholeheartedly that any violence or intimidation directed against people who are not causing or threatening harm is not okay – no matter what the politics or the imagined justifications.

            It is the thuggery and victimization of the innocent – from whatever political orientation or label – that must be opposed. Even if that thuggery adopts uniforms and acts on orders of the state.

            I suppose that my harsh criticism of Antifa stems from my great disappointment in their failure to roundly condemn the property destruction and preying upon innocent bystanders, that has been documented on numerous occasions on video. It appears that these are agent-provocateurs and some have tied them to “for-hire” programs paid for by George Soros.

            For those of us who really do oppose fascism and thuggery, that is a moral loss and a loss of morale.

          2. Bullshit… and what white men with guns has shot anybody? Patriot groups stand to protect the innocent from Antifa assholes…btw… one of which tweeted to ‘behead all white parents’

            1. Enjoy your alternate reality in which antifa slaughter daily and angry white men with semi-automatic weapons just use them to defend their castles against marauding coloured socialists and never actually shoot anybody.

  2. “There will indeed be anti-Trump rallies in 20 cities around the U.S. on Saturday, from Atlanta to Honolulu, organized by a left-wing political action group called Refuse Fascism whose goal is unseating Trump. But its tactics — including but not limited to a “passionate speak-out with music and participatory art” — are a far cry from violent insurrection.” (Time)

      1. Ha Ha Ha Ha. After all the vile criticism that Obama got in his 8 years, you’re trying to paint resistance to a president elected by a minority of citizens as a violent revolution?

        1. I love how none of you mention the white supremacist who ran ove american citizens isis style. Ericson is scared of minoritys.

          1. “Wayne tracker”

            Your comment was ad-hom on “Ericson” – please tell us how we are to conclude that he is “scared of minoritys (sic)”

            No one has been stating that this is one-sided. White supremacist violence is equally outrageous and very much to be condemned.

            But you are trolling, not providing any intelligent counter-arguments (yes, an ad-hom back at you in fair return).

            You should also do a little more research on the staged protest with the incident of “car violence”…


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