2 thoughts on “TIME Magazine Religious Innovator Of The 21st Century Accused Of Numerous Sexual Assaults, Including Minors: Denies Charges”

  1. RE: A Chief Bible Thumper of the 21st Century, Roy Moore.

    Congressional Republicans announce, “If the allegations are true, then he should step down and withdraw from the election, but, if the passing of a few news cycles can turn this story into a passing turd in the sewar, fading away in the distant yesterdays, then hell yes we damn sure do believe that even a child molester can be useful to us when our bills need votes to uphold our conservative values.”

    “We just wish he could have puffy dyed pretty blond hair, and a few billion dollars. Such things make a difference when you’ve got to pitch the American people on granting dignity to a shameless degenerate.”


    [note: Of course, politically-convenient hypocrisy and immorality is employed by all political parties. My focus here, on the Republican branch of the politics species, is not an assertion of party partisanship. I never have, and never will consider myself a member of any branch of the de-evolutionary mutant endeavor known as politics.]

  2. It’s really a shame that this abuser gets “protected” status from those afraid to suspend him pending investigation. There appear to be a significant number of cases coming forward and this would more than justify such a suspension.

    Why do the “politically correct” fail to protect women in these cases? I just don’t get that one at all.

    There appears to be hypocritical standards being applied at Oxford University.

    On the other hand, I kind of hope that the handlers think they can get away with suppressing this much longer, and allow the pressure to build further to bursting, and snap some of these cowards out of their collective hypnosis.

    That’s what men who permit sexual predation – especially of the young – in any color or culture or religion – are – cowards!

    If you are running Oxford University, you don’t want to be sitting on this one… bad mistake.

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