Big Picture Snapshot, By Scott Gordon (Via Comments)


It got me thinking about the vested interests that the Rothschild-Soros-Clinton-Bush cartel are working on:

*Positioning anti-government (mainly peaceful anarchists and libertarians) as “violent” – effectively shunting actual righteous anger into a dead-end – a perfect recipe for preventing any real revolution (as if that is what we needed anyway) – and an excuse to annihilate citizen opposition to their hegemony over the common people

*Bigger government with more and more control measures implemented unopposed

*Fueling both extremes (racist alt-right vs. “alienated” fake alt-left) with fake events and a new army of “brownshirts” (Nazi-era paid agents, violents and actors for those rallies) – a perfect recipe for increased gun control and other police state measures

*Increased sales:
-gun sales (yes, these Rothschild-Soros-connected families manufacture and sell arms)
-sale of news and fake news (the mainstream media cartel)
-selling arms to city police forces
-it has been brilliantly pointed out that people under stress go shopping – they buy more things they don’t really need – distorting the economy – directly benefiting merchants in league with the Rothschild-Soros axis (

But probably chief among all reasons for their current panic operations:

*Distracting from the global pedophilia and child sex trafficking that has had them controlling politicians, governments and militaries across the globe – this is starting to unravel and has been the basis for their control and their long-running march into one-world-government globalism

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