3 thoughts on “David Corn Of Mother Jones Accused Of Making Rape Jokes”

  1. Thank you John. There is a reason I am posting these depressing events. It is a very deep illness and if we do not cure it, we will never be “great again.” Am I being sarcastic? Yes. And that is sarcasm? The outpost of pain, pretty much. The language of the powerless.

    We women look to YOU MEN to decry and oppose this. So again, thank you.

    1. Duty and honor first. That somehow became my blood, bone and marrow. I got lucky.

      Thanks for the thanks.

      Hope you’re well and foreseeing ever weller…

      …wellerer and wellerer, everer and everer. 🙂

      au revoir

  2. I’ve long valued David Corn’s uncommonly thorough investigative work.

    I’ve never heard a rape joke in my entire life. I consider myself fortunate for that. I’ve never spent time with people who would tell rape jokes; and never spent time at places where such things would be expected to occur.

    During my many years playing football, suiting-up and showering in locker rooms at home games and away games, I never even once heard anyone tell a rape joke. If it had happened, I would have heard it, or heard about it. The mentality accommodating of such jokes just did not exist in the sports culture.

    Sad to say, Corn should be let go.

    I subscribe to Mother Jones. I’ve never heard any of the things which the above-linked article reports about David Corn, but, now that the suspicion about him telling rape jokes has been surfaced, Mother Jones MUST respond MOST strongly and insistently:

    Zero tolerance. Nothing less.

    I hope that the due process inquiry being conducted by Mother Jones will eventually result in a detailed PUBLIC report on exactly what the women heard him say, and exactly what conduct they witnessed.

    I do believe that the type of non-violent (non-physically-violent) “office water cooler” misogyny, which Corn is accused of, is reformable, and I hope David Corn will be sincerely, genuinely reformed.

    I don’t believe he is a habitually, maliciously, malevolently misogynistic individual.

    I wish him luck at reforming himself, but the damage is done. Mother Jones has GOT TO let him go.

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