Video Documentation Verifying Antifa Ad in New York Times


I have just seen the comments asking if this is an Alex Jones ruse, a rabbit hole, or “another Pizzagate.”

At a time when pedophiles in Hollywood and all through society are being exposed and (in the cases of the less powerful, wealthy ones) arrested, I am astounded to see “Pizzagate” still referred to as a fake distraction. I am astounded also, that anybody thinks Alex Jones would risk losing all credibility, by doctoring an Antifa ad that did not appear in the New York Times.

Here below, InfoWars reporter Kit Daniels walks into a supermarket, walks over to the newspaper section, and opens the New York Times to reveal the ad.

I would ask each person who has questioned whether this is real, to please check back, and say “Roger that. It’s real. It is proven. Sometimes my politics affects my capacity to have a good feel for what is credible, believable, provable, and what is likely fake.”

No harm done, but it would be reassuring to me if those messages came in, so we are all “on the same page” about when we have proven a thing and when we have not. Please watch the entire video. Thank you! Debunked: Pedo Defenders Caught Lying About Antifa NYT Ad

2 thoughts on “Video Documentation Verifying Antifa Ad in New York Times”

  1. I missed the part where P.G. was debunked. The comments from the instagram page are what they are. Did someone explain them away? Please, share a link.

    Can someone call the police on the NYTs?

    1. Because I’m trying to think of who I know, who has an infant, who would be cool if I posted a picture of that infant with the hashtag ‘Ho tard’ next to it?

      Who’s cool with that? How is that ok?

      ‘hey, what’s up? you called my child a retarded whore? he/she is 8 months old you sick piece of shit’

      That’s how the conversation would go, right?

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