4 thoughts on “Mike Cernovich Talk At Columbia University: “Why is Alternative Media Rising? Because We Tell Stories That Nobody Wants To Tell””

  1. Great speech.

    Anyone who calls this guy “right wing” is living in a very strange and artificial universe.

    For the antifa and the cat-calling neo-feminist to attempt disrupting this talk is freakingly retarded.

    The main target of this speech is media manipulation of truth.

    A secondary but extremely important component of his work and message is the cover-up of pedophilia by the Clintons (and entourage) and the mainstream media.

    This is an important message.

    1. Thank you Scott. Cernovich is onto it. Many are onto it. But not many have his reach. He’s unafraid, which they HATE.

  2. Celia, thank you for posting this. I must be a hick from the sticks because I had never heard of Mike Cernovich. Not a single question about the topic, which seemed to be mainly specific examples of fake news. For me, the liberation from ideology became a wonderfully positive aid to discernment. I have Richard “Poison ’em all” Pan to thank for initiating this process. I well remember one of the most apropos criticisms of Dubya was that he lacked intellectual curiosity. A great thinker, though, in comparison to these students. I didn’t hear him say anything particularly unreasonable. The emperor really has no clothes.

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