4 thoughts on “Mike Cernovich Talk At Columbia University: “Why is Alternative Media Rising? Because We Tell Stories That Nobody Wants To Tell””

  1. Great speech.

    Anyone who calls this guy “right wing” is living in a very strange and artificial universe.

    For the antifa and the cat-calling neo-feminist to attempt disrupting this talk is freakingly retarded.

    The main target of this speech is media manipulation of truth.

    A secondary but extremely important component of his work and message is the cover-up of pedophilia by the Clintons (and entourage) and the mainstream media.

    This is an important message.

  2. Celia, thank you for posting this. I must be a hick from the sticks because I had never heard of Mike Cernovich. Not a single question about the topic, which seemed to be mainly specific examples of fake news. For me, the liberation from ideology became a wonderfully positive aid to discernment. I have Richard “Poison ’em all” Pan to thank for initiating this process. I well remember one of the most apropos criticisms of Dubya was that he lacked intellectual curiosity. A great thinker, though, in comparison to these students. I didn’t hear him say anything particularly unreasonable. The emperor really has no clothes.

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