3 thoughts on “Who’s Crazy Now? JFK Files Shatter America’s Delusions About “Conspiracy Theorists” (But Will They Ever Be Healed?)”

  1. It is a sad and cruel paradox that while sudden revelation of conspiracy or wrongdoing by authority may inspire near revolutionary action or response from the people, repeated barrage by such and especially by false, hollow claims of such conspiratorial acts will numb them into apathy and inaction.

  2. celia, most americans already accept that conspiracies (including jfk’s assassination) are not delusions.

    that’s the psycho-social consensus.

    but, because of the viciousness of political/class/religious/racial divisions, that above-noted consensus manifests as quasi-cultic factions which each disparage proposed conspiracies when such proposal implicates criminality within their faction.

    it’s not any delusion against conspiracies that needs healing.

    it’s vicious cultic tribalism that needs a cure.

    yes? no?

  3. Those industries have grown like metastatic cancer since Trump became a candidate. Worms and cowards the MSM are. Although clueless in foreign affairs, he is going after the chief poison industry: the drug cartel known as pharma, who is the greatest threat the nation has ever faced. The greatest enemy, foreign and domestic. He is smarter than any of us knew, and I appreciate him more each day. I have a clear and vivid image of where I was (on the soccer field in P.E.) when we were called in to be given the news that our beloved president had been murdered. George H. W. Bush was in Dallas that day, at the base of the Texas School Book Depository building, mingling with a group of FBI agents. Oswald was a CIA asset, groomed for the role of patsy. I recommend “The Devil’s Chessboard.” Lots of other good books about this coup exist, as well.

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