Scene From Antifa Protest of Cernovich Talk at CU, Oct 30


I have many more videos. I often struggle with whether to narrate, or let material speak for itself. I can give you a bit of context: The mob was weary of its chants inside the lobby, scoping the exits, looking to attack (if possible physically) the speaker inside (Mike Cernovich) and/or anybody who had come to hear his talk on the rise of the new alternative media. Suddenly, with tremendous speed and velocity, they all took off running for a “kill–” somebody they were calling a “troll.” There was a lot of commotion, and as I walked toward there the commotion was coming from, the man in question was on the other side of a locked gate, and the squalid little deep state “radicals” were bullying him from the safety of their numbers, their “many” to his “one.” I wanted to ask: “Do you guys make any distinction between an American flag and “fascism?” But this aren’t “people,” who will answer questions of fellow humans, so I thought better of it, and just went back to observing.

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