New Report From AHRP Reveals Truth About The Wakefield Affair: “The Case Was Crafted As A Relentless Assault.”

Carmel and Andrew Wakefield, GMC Hearings, London

“The case against Dr. Wakefield and his two co-defendants, was contrived and filed by Brian Deer, on assignment for Murdoch’s Sunday Times. Deer had been explicitly commissioned to get “something big [on] MMR”.6 As a Murdoch-commissioned reporter, Deer gained access to numerous influential sources. Doors to confidential information that Deer would not otherwise have obtained – including confidential medical records – were opened. Deer was essentially providing the ammunition, while garnering material for his “story”. The case was crafted as a relentless assault, aimed at destroying Dr. Wakefield’s professional career and reputation, for which Deer won kudos, and advanced his own career.

An MLI newsletter (2004) confirmed that Deer was assisted by MLI “in strictest confidence”.

Among MLI’s services to its pharma clients was crafting complaints to initiate GMC investigations.
The GMC hearings were calculated to: (1) end the line of research into the relationship between the MMR and autism; (2) prevent parents from filing legal action; and (3) to destroy the professional standing of the senior doctors in order to achieve 1 and 2. [GMC proceedings are noted for being high pressured, prejudicial, & extremely stressful. Defendants in GMC proceedings are presumed “guilty unless proven innocent.” Reports have documented a startling number of doctors who have committed suicide during GMC proceedings. [See Appendix 6]”


Read the in depth report by the outstanding Vera Sharav here.

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3 thoughts on “New Report From AHRP Reveals Truth About The Wakefield Affair: “The Case Was Crafted As A Relentless Assault.””

  1. This is a phenomenal report.

    Of course, it is being ignored by the mainstream. The damage is done, in some ways. Those who used the attack against Dr. Wakefield to suit their own agendas, got away with it. So far…

    It will come back to bite them, I am sure.

    Thank you for making this available.

  2. Other than your excellent, award-worthy journalistic coverage of their unchallenged and irrefutable dissent to the failed hiv theory has there ever been a film like this made or paper written detailing the unjustifiable assaults on the character and careers of Dr Duesberg, Kary Mullis and other dissidents?

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