Antifa Buys Full Page Ad in NYT Announcing Intent For Nov. 4 Revolution


I was wondering how much such an ad costs in 2017, so looked it up. According to Quora, about $150,000 for a pull page ad in the NYT.

The Soros sponsored Anitfa is by no means “ragtag.” I attended one of their protests the other night, against Mike Cernovich, who gave a talk at Columbia University about the rise if new media. I stayed and observed–watched and listened, for about 4 hours, until I was frozen and hungry and my phone had powered down and they were still baying for Cernovich’s blood outside the building, with the cops standing politely by as they screamed that they are the same as the KKK.

It was so depressing and dispiriting, I have no words. These people are pure hate. Their nature is perfectly cold. For this reason, it is almost impossible even to write about them or describe them. But I will try, if you want me to.

I have never been quite so happy to be reunited with my cats, Jack and Lewis, as I was that night, when I came home, horrified and cold. I saw straight up fascism: Violence against any and all who do not conform to the ideological doctrine they have set out. I mean physical violence. And verbal. And spiritual.

This mentality is the “nightmare.”

8 thoughts on “Antifa Buys Full Page Ad in NYT Announcing Intent For Nov. 4 Revolution”

  1. It’s hard to be shocked.

    1) They’ve grown accustomed to being part of the story they’re ‘reporting on.
    2) They printed the Unibomber’s manifesto, but they didn’t allow him to pay for an ad, but he didn’t have that kind of scratch at the time, so it’s hard to say if they would have taken it or not. But he was a cold blooded killer and they willingly printed his words about how the human race deserves to die. He was about the environment man! Plus, the FBI thought they should print it as well. If a guy starts mailing bombs to innocent people and demands the worlds largest newspaper and over the wheel, well damit! Hand it over!!
    3) They were supporters of at first, and then later apologists for the USSR during Stalin.


    We know who they are and what they’re about. The NYT’s isn’t all the relevant anymore. They need the money.

  2. I find it nauseating that the NYT is so low as to take an ad like that.
    Clearly they have no scruples or ethics when it comes to money….or for that matter not much else.
    I used to look forward to Sunday mornings with the Times and my coffee, but that was long ago and in a land far far away. The NYT now is just a vitriol soaked rag.
    I wonder how these people can sleep at night.

  3. The November fourth march is a Revolutionary Communist Party deal- those people have plenty of money

    Most of the left when I was an activist didn’t really like them but times may have changed

  4. Glad to hear Jack and Lewis are fine. My boys are, too. The only saving grace about these thugs is that no doubt the authorities are watching closely, and no doubt there will be arrests at some point. Remember when they beat the crap out of people in Berserkley? Were the cowards and worms wearing their black clothes and face masks at the event you attended? Primo Levi is rolling over in his grave. The NYPD, like most police, is capable of great professionalism; they certainly see those folks for what they are. Thank you very much for letting us know about this sort of stuff. Can you believe the MSM is spinning the Manafort indictment for activities in Ukraine as Trump colluding with Russia? Last time I checked, Russia and Ukraine are bitter enemies. How stupid do they think people are? Trump is smarter than they (the MSM and Soros) are. Hopeless in foreign affairs, but doing a world of good in targeting pharma. Tim Bolen drop[ed some hints that there will be something happening on the vaccine front. That will really bring the sleaze of corruption to the surface. That corruption is enabled even more by the Dems than the Reps, although both make me want to puke. Keep up the good work, Celia.

    1. “Antifa Buys Full Page Ad in NYT Announcing Intent For Nov. 4 Revolution” Not Realizing No One Reads The NYT Anymore.

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