Things Fall Down Together: Kevin Spacey Reported To Have Attempted Sex With 14 Year Old Boy


And you will be instructed, conscious modern person, on social media. that this “does not give you permission to be homophobic.

To I would hope you would say: F@^k right off. They don’t get to control this demolition, and this moment is about chasing the PC prison guards back under the rocks they slithered from. “Homophobia” has had its reign and rule for decades, and anybody who would interrupt an investigation into the breaking, lurid, horrid truth about Hollywood pedophilia to whip and spank you into an obedient response is, as they say, “part of the problem.” This is going to be messy, is going to break and shatter across all political, social, and cultural lines. It comes down to the predator class and the preyed upon class. Those who assaulted and those who were assaulted. Those who were protected and those who had to repress their stories for decades because they were an inconvenience to the predator class and its sycophantic media enablers.

Never thought I would admire journalism at Buzzfeed.

Last week I was saying: Listen to women. Now I’m saying: Listen to victims of sexual assault. Men have an even harder time find their voice than women do.

We all have to support one another, and become part of the human chain of opposition.

God this makes me angry.

6 thoughts on “Things Fall Down Together: Kevin Spacey Reported To Have Attempted Sex With 14 Year Old Boy”

  1. No sexual assault is Ok with me. I was screaming bloody murder about the FOX sexual cases and I am CERTAIN I posted about it and everybody who knows me knows how seriously I took the FOX, Ailes, etc matter. This is fake accusation, as usual, fake news, troll “Wayne” getting tired, I think. It’s ok, you can take a nap right here. Rest up. Nurse your wounds.

  2. But yet you never mention fox news having to pay over 132 million for sexual assault. Funny how thats okay with you.

    1. Wayno, dude, I’m certainly an eager admirer of high-quality contrarianism and critique, but, get real, dude! If you’re gonna be CREDIBLY contrary and critical, you’ve got to at least be accurate.

      Accurate, like, at least within the boundaries of the known facts.

      Accurate, like, at least NOT making things up, at least NOT presenting clear falsehoods or accusations which have no facts/no evidence to support them.

      Wayno, dude, where and when did the lady say that Fox’s handling of sexual assault was “okay with [her]?

      When, and where, Wayno?

      1. John what parts not correct? Fox new has paid out over 132 million in sexual abuse cases . Whatever you trump chumps love to blame and blame while ignoring your own team. Grab ’em by the p***y john

    2. Re: Fox News…Bill O’Reilly – gone. Eric Boling – gone. Also, Bill Cosby… career done. What about Bill Clinton? $250,000,000 richer and the most popular Democrat in the U.S. All victims are to be believed, except for the many who named Bill Clinton. In his case, they are all liars and golddiggers…

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