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  1. To the seasoned researcher, this is not a new detail.

    But it is wonderful to get it confirmed in the leaks.

    There were far more than one or two shots, by the way, and this has been discovered in audio and by witnesses who were there.

    Just to know there was more than one shot from more than one shooter opens up the whole panorama of a planned and executed assassination.

    And no, Trump is not more endangered. He is less endangered, and this is a good reason for him to have leaked so much, as it serves as a hindrance to trying this ploy again on the American public.

  2. Is this just some huge psyop they’re pulling on us because they’re going to off Trump?

    Is this a way of him saying ‘hey, look at what they did to Kennedy?’

    Because they haven’t killed him yet, but they’ve done everything they can to kill his presidency.

    1. You s ericson are proof that love is blind.

      For the sake of mentioning it I have had copies of the un-retouched autopsy photos clearly showing exit wound in the back of JFKs head since 1989.

      1. That’s extraordinary, Brother S. How did you get them? (If you wish to tell us.) I watched a documentary about 4 months ago, I meant to post here but lost track of, with a guy who did all kinds of new forensics x-ray etc techniques on the photos and after watching it, I came away knowing that JFK was shot in the neck and I came to believe the storm drain theory. That the probably fatal shot came from the storm drain.

        It’s a very shocking traumatic time to be an American. We should all stick together and stop fighting.

    2. we must keep an open mind about what did (or did not) transpire that day, once we “pick a side” it’s real hard to turn back

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