Get Unstuck And Release Misery Instantly: BioDynamic Gamma Breathing

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I consider the most important work I do to be this: A) Agreeing by karmic soul contract to experience deep spectrum trauma, B) to “confess” it (live in and with it, openly) C) Fail, fail, and fail again, D) continue to search for answers, try everything on myself until E) something works so well it stuns me, and F) I spread the word!

Stephanie Dietz and Nancy Hopkins host a show that has become a favorite of mine, called “Shungite Radio Show.”  [If you type “Shungite” into the search bar, three previous article will come up. I have no financial connection to any form of Shungite or sellers of it, but if you buy it, I want you to get the real thing, so consider going to:] These two women, I consider pilots of the highest caliber. I’m no longer as keen on “healers” as I am on pilots.

Women perceive cloud formations that have not even happened yet, in a 360 degree way that takes into account past, present, future, body, mind, soul and above all: Energetic literacy.  Women understand the invisible, impactful. Because you can’t see it or prove it, it’s a hard road. It’s better to be a man, in many ways. People believe you.

But women are very important pilots at this moment.

I think its safe to say: We are going through a wild storm right now  connected to long repressed, dark secrets emerging–from dark to light, via pain and fear. Maybe many of us are also going through that on the “individual” level, (though there is no such thing as an “individual.”)

Three people in my life gave me two tools, and today they became “aha” breakthroughs. One was the importance of supplementing properly with magnesium (which I will return to) and the other was breathing.

Not just “deep breathing,” but rather, a remarkable way to breathe in a certain sequence that activates all parts of the brain.

If you are suffering from free-floating anxiety, spinning mind, unable to focus, I strongly recommend you listen to this entire podcast. At around the one hour mark, Jodi Neering takes us through the exercise, breath by breath. Many of us will be resistant to breathing properly, and that is a sign we are among those who needs this the most.

Shungite (by far the most powerful mineral/stone I have ever encountered) opened up pathways to healing that, as I knew going in, are not always easy, but are always necessary.

Let me know if you tried it, and what the effect was, on the comments section. I want this website to contribute to “truth” but not to contribute to “trauma.” As I unlock the mysteries of trauma and the brain, I will become better able to integrate the healing secrets, and share what I find.


4 thoughts on “Get Unstuck And Release Misery Instantly: BioDynamic Gamma Breathing”

  1. Celia, you initially hit upon a trending theme I have been watching. Women and their mostly untapped powers must come into an understanding that the change we need can only be obtained if women step into the role they were created to play. The question is what is that role? I see myself and so many others uncovering seemingly small secrets that subtly change our understanding of what is possible and with that changing ourselves in profound ways.

    Jodi Neering has a secret she freely gives away called Gama Breathing. Her discussion of breathing and the chemical changes in the brain occurring during Gama Breathing had me reeling with, “Oh come on – it is that simple?” Then she followed with an hour of guided breathing. Yes, it is that simple.

    I have not only integrated this couple minutes of Gama Breathing into my daily life, I intend to add it to everyone of my radio shows, just to set the stage in myself and my audience for the magic to happen….

    Thank you Jodi for your profound gift of revealing the secret of breath and thank you Celia for spreading the word. Namaste to you both.

    1. Berenice, as ever, thank YOU. Thank you everybody. Brother Strawberry: Did you try the gamma breathing? I am hoping we can repair our injury and be friends again. Very sincerely, that is my hope.

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