Newsweek: Obama Clinton At Center Of 2010 Nuclear Deal For Which FBI Held “Substantial Evidence of Racketeering”


“The Obama administration and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have risen to the center of controversy over a 2010 nuclear deal that handed Russia control of 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium supply. The Uranium One deal has been referred to as a Russian nuclear bribery scheme and similar names since government documents surfaced last week showing the FBI had substantial evidence of racketeering by Russian officials before the Obama administration approved the deal.”



Article here.


Any and all who continue past this point in history to mock or attempt to degrade people who have resisted media driven Russia-Trump hysteria are 100% discredited, face down in the mud. The best of them will admit defeat. The second best will keep silent. The worst will persist in their distortions, thus declaring themselves mentally unfit for public discourse.




2 thoughts on “Newsweek: Obama Clinton At Center Of 2010 Nuclear Deal For Which FBI Held “Substantial Evidence of Racketeering””

  1. That the MSM is reporting this pretty straight up means the overlords are throwing the Clintons under the bus. Can’t think of a more deserving couple. Don’t much like the IRS, but the Clinton Foundation should be in their crosshairs.

  2. Really?? Game on. Didn’t you feel the same about pizzagate?? See where this stands in 1 week. Also the same can be said for your article’s on sexual abuse since your beloved fox news has paid out over 132 million in settlements over abuse. But why would you mention that.

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