9 thoughts on “Director Of “An Open Secret” Details Hollywood and Media Campaign To Block Doc About Pedophilia–Releases Film For Free, Tells Pedophiles To Expect War”

    1. My original (censored) comment had multiple links, including to an additional InfoWars interview with the “An Open Secret” director.

      This simple link at least posted, so that you can go and watch the documentary on vimeo:

      (paste these two together for a complete link)

      1. More creepy censorship. I posted the above link in totally separated parts (separated by an instruction line between parentheses, no less), and it *still* auto-censored my post.

        But at least it directs to the vimeo video.


      2. Scott, I am so sorry for this frustrating situation. You have now made me realize what I did not really think possible: That The Truth Barrier is being hit with interference, sabotage. I can only say this: I will correct the problem as soon as I can. Please continue to post comments and continue to let me know when these strange things happen.

  1. “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

    (WordPress response to attempt to post links to the documentary promoted in the original post)

    Electronic auto-censorship (NOT Celia’s!)

  2. So what is happening to the comments? Are they being “held for approval”?

    What is happening to my log-in? To my comments???

    This happens on Facebook all the time. Censorship by algorithm (artificial intelligence). It is a covert method of killing interaction between people who care.

    And of course, critical commenters are let right through.

    This is no reflection on the owner of the site, except to reveal that she is a target of censorship.

    It may not even be a wordpress thing – then again, it may be – who knows? Surely there are sophisticated methods of snarling up their software, too.

    1. So my original links were censored but not my comment. (This must have been done by an automatic algorithm.)

      Of course, it makes my above comment look strange and out-of-context. The posted links comment is missing completely.

      Although posted earlier in multiple attempts, I will try it again.

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