2 thoughts on “Hate Culture At The New York Times”

  1. Good to be able to comment again. Read an interesting Chris Hedges interview a few days ago, and the NYT was part of what was discussed. All the mainstream is media has become so blatantly biased; it has just become more obvious with Trump, as they become more unhinged by the day, mainly in response to his reckless-sounding statements. They are little more than toadies for the corporate shills who own our government and who are destroying the nation from the children up. Anne Daschel had a post this week on the explosive growth of special ed budgets and mental health services needs for children around the U.S. and the world. Not only are they assaulted in utero and from birth with made-in-China toxic injections, fed glyphosate with nearly every meal, but now 5G wireless technology, which which produces orders of magnitude greater exposure to EMF radiation than 4G, is being rolled out. Background levels of ionizing radiation we evolved with, and this exposure likely has a hormetic effect. Exposures greater that this show a dose-response relationship of increasing danger. The same is undoubtedly true of EMF radiation. This horror which awaits us seems to be flying under the radar. Frogs in the slowly warming water we are.

    1. Each one of these damaged children comes with one or two parents (in some cases additional caregivers) who can no longer lead a normal life. They are heartbroken and many are rendered practically helpless.

      It is getting harder and harder to contain the anger as more and more wake up to the betrayal. The cost in human lives, suffering and national human resources is staggering, and yet the death march seems to continue unabated.

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